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I have a servo motor which feeds back its velocity while running.
I wish to make a window that can show the velocity data graphically -
just like the CPU usage history in windows task manager...

Any idea on how to make this?
Updated 2-Mar-23 11:30am

For drawing a chart, you can have a look at one of my article about a chart control: High-speed Charting Control[^].
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Iain Clarke, Warrior Programmer 23-Aug-10 14:02pm    
Pretty much any charting answer is "look at Cedric's control" !

You da chart guy!

Allocate a circular buffer, sample the value with a timer (let's say ... 1/10 of a second ?) and queue the values in the buffer, throwing away the oldest.

At the same time, invalidate a window, and paint a line whose amplitude is proportional to the maximum expected value, respect to the window height.

How to do that in C++ over windows ... I suppose you have the basics, otherwise, I don't see how ca you afford whatever programming problem.
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tuolesi 22-Aug-10 8:46am    
erm...i do noe the basic.

but is there anyway to make my drawing expendable?if i draw in a picturebox do i make the drawing scrollable as my plotting may be very long..
Emilio Garavaglia 23-Aug-10 1:57am    
"i do noe the basic"
But you talk about "picture box" ...
tuolesi 23-Aug-10 11:20am    

if i draw it on a form window using paint event.
how can i draw outside of the form size and able to view it?

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