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How to calculate the date difference of two dates and get the final difference amount.

I tried using following code:
  var tdays = from items in Vals
                           select new
                               days = 
                               DbFunctions.DiffDays(items.maxdate, items.mindate )

But I am getting error:
<pre lang="C#">base = {&quot;This function can only be invoked from LINQ to Entities.&quot;}</pre>
Updated 1-Dec-15 10:12am

Basically, you can subtract two DateTimes and get a TimeSpan as a result:
DateTime start = new DateTime(2015, 12, 1, 20, 0, 0);
DateTime end = new DateTime(2015, 12, 2, 4, 30, 10);
TimeSpan span = end - start;
int hours = span.Hours; // hours = 8;
int minutes = span.Minutes; // minutes = 30;
int seconds = span.Seconds; // seconds = 10;
int days = span.Days; // days = 0;
double totalDays = span.TotalDays; // totalDays = 0.35428241

You can find find more informations on TimeSpan structure here:
MSDN: TimeSpan Structure[^]

To answer to your question, we would need to know which type your Vals variable is an enumeration of; and if this type is not a common one (i.e., you defined it yourself), we would need to know how its maxdate and mindate members are defined.
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Try following:

var days = from items in Vals
            select new
                days = items.maxdate - items.mindate

foreach (var day in days)
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apr1234 2-Dec-15 10:44am    
Thank you Debashish, it worked!
debashishPaul 2-Dec-15 16:43pm    
Happy to help...
Rather do it this way-
DateTime oldDate = new DateTime(2015,11,2);
DateTime newDate = DateTime.Now;
TimeSpan ts = newDate - oldDate;
int differenceInDays = ts.Days;

Console.WriteLine("Total days: {0} ", differenceInDays);

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