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I have an application which is running on Windows 7 as 'SYSTEM' user account which sets/resets a flag. I would like to be able to monitor this flag with an application running as the current user. The flag changes state very rarely so speed is not important.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might do this?

What I have tried:

I have tried using HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE registry section. This appeared to work but not on all machines. I suspect that on 64 bit Windows, the registry is different.
Updated 2-Aug-16 2:46am

Why don't you use a form of IPC[^]?
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softwaremonkey 2-Aug-16 8:13am    
Thanks. I looked briefly at this article but I wasn't sure if they would allow communication between processes operating under different user accounts on the same PC. I tried WM_COPYDATA a while ago and although it worked between two apps running on the same user account it didn't appear to work between users. It could be something I did wrong though!
As per CPallini's solution - IPC as a set of techniques/options is worth looking at - I'd look at Boost:SharedMemory for example Sharing memory between processes - 1.55.0[^] but there are plenty of options
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