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Is there a built-in way to distinguish if my file save code is being called from Restart Manager or from a manual click?

What I have tried:

Auto-save calls OnSaveDocument directly, whereas clicking on the File->Save menu calls OnSave, which in turn calls OnSaveDocument, so I could set a "manual save" flag in the OnSave event handler, but I am wondering if there's a built-in way of telling the two apart.
Updated 15-Feb-17 0:14am

1 solution

You must implement an own flag for that use case. A bool class member should be enough.

Tip: Remember to reset the flag after use, so both cases can be differentiated.
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hairy_hats 15-Feb-17 6:02am    
The simplest way seems to be to compare the requested file save path with the auto-save path in OnSaveDocument and set a manual/auto-save flag appropriately before saving the file:

BOOL CMyDoc::OnSaveDocument(LPCTSTR lpszPathName) 
	CDataRecoveryHandler* autohandler = AfxGetApp()->GetDataRecoveryHandler();
	CString autosavepath = autohandler->GetAutosavePath();
	BOOL success = FALSE;

	if (CString(lpszPathName).Left(autosavepath.GetLength()).CompareNoCase(autosavepath) == 0)
		// autosaving - just call the default
		m_manualSave = false;

		success = CDocument::OnSaveDocument(lpszPathName);
		// manual save - do whatever is needed
		m_manualSave = true;

		success = CDocument::OnSaveDocument(lpszPathName);
	return success;

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