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how to split the first word form the string in C++

Eg. This is a test string.
It is an example sentence.

I only want the result as

Updated 15-Nov-10 2:08am

well it's pretty simple.

let's store the string in an array:

char str[20]="This is a test string";

and store the result in some other array:

char result[10];

then use a for loop to detect when does the first "space" comes. The string of characters which comes before the first space will be the first word.

for(i=0;str[i]!=" ";i++)

the for loop exits when the condition str[i]!=" " becomes false.
so your result is stored in result.

Hope you understood how it worked which is more important!
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Alain Rist 15-Nov-10 11:47am    
At least change string to char in your arrays, as is it does not compile and is very confusing
Tarun.K.S 15-Nov-10 23:57pm    
Updated. There is nothing complex to be confused.
Alain Rist 16-Nov-10 2:46am    
No more confusion between 'char' and 'string', better indeed :)
Try something as follows:

string str = "This is a test string";

int i = str.find_first_of(' ');

string res(str.begin(), str.begin() + i);
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Tarun.K.S 15-Nov-10 8:45am    
i don't think this is possible in C++.
KingsGambit 15-Nov-10 9:09am    
It is pure C++. Need to include std library header for string.
not sure what the C++ syntax is, but in most languages you would split the line on the space and take the first element from the resultant array.
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Have a look Here[^]

Change language tab to C++ & Copy code snippet, Change delimiter(Only space is required). Access first word from array ( i think that you want. )
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Tarun.K.S 15-Nov-10 9:19am    
Eswa, the link says page not found.
Use the built-in facilities of the Standard C++ Library.
The first (blank separated) word of a std::string sentence is sentence.substr(0, sentence.find(' ')) for instance:
#include <string>
std::string sentence = "It is an example sentence.";
std::string first_word = sentence.substr(0, sentence.find(' '));

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