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Hi, I have a page done in c #, that page uses index server to search for documents (saved in html). I have a problem with the use of Spanish words in that language there is a tilde (á é í ó ú), but not all people remember that words have accents or not ... That is why for example if a document is the word "árbol" (with accents) but the user types "arbol" (ie without an accent or tilde) ... The result of the search does not return me the results, it searches for exactly the word without accents. How I can do not to import that type with or without accent?

This is my code:

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what collation are you using in your database? if I'm not mistaken the collation to make it insensitive to accents Latin1_General_CI_AI_KS, this collation is CI = Casi Insensitive, AI = Accent Insensitive and KS = Kana Sensitive.
If your DB is not insensitive you will need to change the collation
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Alejandro Muñoz Solano 3-Mar-11 15:03pm    
I'm not using database as such (sql server or anything like that), but rather to the index server, how it's done in the index server?, I searched through many pages but no talk about me ...
Gonzoox 4-Mar-11 9:09am    
I see your problem, thought it was SQL Server, anywho, I've not used Index server before, but I have an interesting article that might help you understand better

I read it quickly, and found something about a NEAR operator... probably that is what you need, good luck
Alejandro Muñoz Solano 4-Mar-11 16:37pm    
Well unfortunately the "near" does not help, as it is for something else :(

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