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hi,i know how to validate date as dd/mm/yyyy format in but now i want to validate date as dd/mm/yyyy format in window how can i do this please help

John Simmons gave you a good start, now add the IFormatProvider and the DateTimeStyles to the DateTime.TryParse method, or in the other hand, you can try to add 3 separate boxes, one for day, one more for month and the last one for year
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Albin Abel 7-Mar-11 23:04pm    
Yes. He even don't want to search how to use tryparse. My 5
You could use DateTime.TryParse. If it returns true, the date is valid.
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software_Engi08 7-Mar-11 16:14pm    
i have written code as DateTime dob;
//if (!DateTime.TryParse(maskedTextBox1.Text, out dob))
// MessageBox.Show("invalid date");
but this is mm/dd/yyyy format.i want dd/mm/yyyy format
Gonzoox 7-Mar-11 16:44pm    
this is a good start, +5
Albin Abel 7-Mar-11 23:02pm    
This is correct. My 5
i think try with masked text box it will helps you
try to validate with masked text box
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software_Engi08 7-Mar-11 16:16pm    
i have used masktext box as mask=00/00/0000.but this is in mm/dd/yyyy format .i want dd/mm/yyyy format .please help
Albin Abel 7-Mar-11 23:03pm    
Masked Textbox won't validate date format
First of all, "mm" means minutes, "MM" means months! And now:
DateTime dt;
bool valid = DateTime.TryParseExact(text, "dd/MM/yyyy", null, DateTimeStyles.None, out dt);

This should do the job.
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Member 11428767 7-Feb-15 2:04am    
its not working with windows form
John is correct. It is your problem don't know how to use Tryparse

See that function accepts a format.
DateTime dob;
DateTimeFormatInfo info = new DateTimeFormatInfo();
info.ShortDatePattern = "dd/MM/yyyy";
DateTime.TryParse("30/3/2011", info, DateTimeStyles.None, out dob);

This way it works. You are ready to search what tryparse doing, instead you are simply looking for ready answer. Better try something.
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