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I have a MDI application, on which I want to show a please wait dlg till data loading on the view. When I am doing please wait dlg do modal on the MDI, data loading is getting stuck, and when I am closing please wait dlg, data loading get released. I want to do both process simultaneous. Means when data is loading on the view, please wait dlg should appear and as soon as data loading completed please wait dlg should destroy. Can any one help me for this prblm.

Thanks in advance.


I'm not really into VC6, but I think I could help you a little by telling you that such a screen is called a 'splash screen'. With that information and this[^] link you should be able to get it together ;)

Good luck!
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CDialog::DoModal(); creates modal dialog box. Modal dialog blocks program execution while waiting user response. You can use modeless dialog box instead of modal one. You can also manage your background execution using a special message loop for a single threaded approach. Or you can employ another thread for background work in addition to main UI thread. Lastly and not advisable, simply you can show a message window and do your background work, application doesn't receive user inputs until the work finishes.

You probably need to grasp of modal and modeless dialogs.
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Don't use MDI, that's it!

This UI stile is discouraged by nearly anyone, supported only for legacy. This is so inconvenient that you will only scare off your customer. Keep to the design based on just one main windows. Tabbing interface is much better, if you need some child-parent structure.

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Iain Clarke, Warrior Programmer 23-Mar-11 10:05am    
This does not actually help the user... Whether the different views are tabbed, or have a more proper window frame does not change his problem.


ps, I would be a bit surprised to see a MDI classic program now, but tabbed documents are still MDI...
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Mar-11 20:49pm    
I agree. I did not mean to help this particular problem, just a side advice.
Strictly speaking, tabbed in not MDI (however, can be Multiple Document Interface in essence). MDI term is reserved to a specific windows API.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Mar-11 20:51pm    
As to helping to solve the problem: again, this is design. Those modal dialogs should not be used. Bad idea. The problem itself is simple. There are many other ways to say "Wait...".
Also, abusing modal behavior is one of the most typical mistakes in UI design.

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