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Please help me out in making this C# application. I want to sign into a website which offers free SMS. It's got too many ads, so I decided to write an application for it.

The things I've already tried:
I used a web browser, navigated to the site and filled the credentials and logged in successfully :D. But that damned site throws lots of popup windows too, and I don't yet know to handle those. And also, a couple of javascript exceptions are thrown, and I don't know to handle those too.

The things I need:
I want some guidance on logging into the website using some other method. I've read some articles, such as this one. I'm sorry, I don't understand that code much. Please give me the bare code to do it - without any bells and whistles - please...
Also I want to submit text I get from the user to a form present in the site, and I need to know that too. Kindly help me out. I'm a beginner. Thanks a lot in advance. :)

1 solution

Guidance - if they have a pay-to-play option that gets rid of all the crap you don't want to see, pay the money.

If you insist on trying to get something for nothing, google Fiddler. It will help you at least figure out how to post text. It may even allow you to figure out how to avoid the pop-ups.
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RainShark 29-Mar-11 8:23am    
Sorry, there's no payment option. You won't believe the amount of ads I've to get past to send one SMS - One pre-home, at least 3 popups, and at least 20 ads surrounding the txtbox, and one ad in the middle of the text box :(
#realJSOP 29-Mar-11 8:45am    
That's no reason to vote my answer a 1. Try finding a less intrusive free sms site.
RainShark 2-Apr-11 7:09am    
Please understand that the site is not important to me, but learning how to code is what is important to me. I have summer holidays now, and I have lots of free time. So I thought I could help some people.

Sorry, but you seem a bit rude. :'(

PS: Please help me....... :(
Gonzoox 29-Mar-11 8:50am    
Gte my 5 JSOP, I hate when you give advise they vote you down.
As for a suggestion to OP, check if there's a web service or something similar that you can connect to send the SMS, if not, then you'll have to live with the popups, ads and whatever the site wants to send your way
#realJSOP 29-Mar-11 8:54am    
Fiddler will probably tell him that.

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