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i search in net how to block any exe running in xp(specially firefox.exe )
how to do that one?
Albert Holguin 5-Dec-11 9:22am    
Are you trying to block internet access or just firefox? (also, I take it this is for IT administration and not something bad?)
@BangIndia 5-Dec-11 9:23am    
want to block the firefox.exe .
if anyone click the exe means it should not launch the application
Albert Holguin 5-Dec-11 9:54am    
Once it's installed, I don't think there's an easy way to do this... unless you have a service running that periodically looks at the executables running and kills firefox if it finds it.
Richard MacCutchan 5-Dec-11 9:32am    
Don't install it on the PC.
@BangIndia 5-Dec-11 9:34am    
what a great answer..

You need to add this key to the registry:


Value is the name you call it, say FireFox
Data: firefox.exe or what ever the executable is named.
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Albert Holguin 5-Dec-11 10:26am    
Never tried this before... what does it block though? ...since it's an explorer related key, does it mean the application will still run from the command prompt?
Chuck O'Toole 5-Dec-11 22:03pm    
that's "explorer", not "iexplorer". But it is part of a larger group policy setting. See the "technet" entry in this search
Paul M Watt 6-Dec-11 0:38am    
Thanks for pointing that out.

I only discovered this key when I was trying to kill a virus I had picked up on my machine. It had enabled this policy, then prevented all of the popular Virus Scanners from starting.

As far as the cmd prompt, I wonder if you could block that from starting as well in the group policy?
Chuck O'Toole 6-Dec-11 13:59pm    
MS Policies wouldn't be much good if there was an easy way around them, like CMD prompt. Of course, you could always disallow cmd.exe too.
Set permissions on the EXE as admin only, and don't make anyone else admin on the box.
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You could password protect exe files by using a program:[^]

or by replacing the exe of firefox with an empty exe file
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