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my question is this how do you program what I just wrote about below..

I would hope that someone would take the time to consider this. You know how in windows if you have dual monitors they don't shut off until your not using the mouse or keyboard. Why not make it so that the monitors your not using or don't cross the path of the mouse go to screen saver mode then to power saving mode. Please add a button to the bottom of the individual screens so that you can turn the feature on and off for when you need to use those screens for reading. If only 250,000 computers around the world had this update directly from the windows update computer and all other update centers respectively that would equal $500,000 an hour or 25 megawatts of saved electricity per hour. in a year you would save the world just from those 250,000 computers $1,460,000,000 1.46 billion is a lot. I did the math using a watt as costing 2 cents per hour and a monitor using 100 watts. Please someone out there make these companies accept this update from you it would save tons of electricity. I know there are way more than 250,000 systems in the world that would benefit from this technology.

Eric Halverson

batteries are outdated, radio wave to electricity converters are the way to go. and not using regular batteries would help but using electron holding cells you can fit billions of electrons in the same space as you could 5,000 atoms if you build a containment cell for them, held together with magnetism.
Updated 7-Dec-11 6:22am
Albert Holguin 7-Dec-11 11:02am    
Don't think there's any easy way to do this at all... you would probably have to write your own video drivers.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Dec-11 11:08am    
No, it has nothing to do with software at all, if you think about it.
Albert Holguin 7-Dec-11 11:15am    
Hardware power saving modes are controlled by the hardware drivers.
Mehdi Gholam 7-Dec-11 11:03am    
What you are asking for is good for a per application basis and you would have to talk to the individual developers or you can contact Microsoft etc.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Dec-11 11:07am    
Why Microsoft? I hope they are not owners of all computers in the world.

In my opinion, such button does exist, called a power button. Could be a saving mode button, too, but why is it related to mouse. Generally, it has nothing to do with software and is off-topic. Everything is seemingly moving to embrace your ideas though, especially in battery-operated devices. People seemingly do not care about consumption of electricity wired to their computers, more about batteries, but the situation is slowly changing.

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How about you hook up a stationary bike to a generator and power your computer that way.

That way your computer and monitors will only be on when you are using it, and it won't cost any extra money.
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Albert Holguin 7-Dec-11 15:58pm    
That sounds like a lot of
Paul M Watt 8-Dec-11 12:47pm    
yeah possibly, but then you don't have to go to the gym, and you'll have extra motivation to keep pedaling otherwise your computer will shut down!
People who use multiple monitors are usually moving between them rather quickly. Just the people around where I work are on both monitors all the time. There would be no benefit to "following the mouse" and turning on/off monitors based on mouse position. Most monitors don't have instant on and off anyway so it would be cumbersome to use. You'd have to get with hardware vendors to see if they could come up with a quicker on/off technology to make it worth anyones time. But, I suspect, such technology would result in the monitor being powered up with the backlight in a low-power state instead of completely off or a minimal power state. This makes me wonder about the accuracy of your numbers.

This is not a software-only solution.
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