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How to parsing a string as str?
stringstream strs;
string str = strs.str();
* How to parsing the str ?

Thanks for answering to my question.
Richard MacCutchan 25-Feb-12 6:51am    
Parsing for what?
smss IR 25-Feb-12 6:59am    
for discern parameters.
On String exist many parameters such as Number(Player number on footbal [robocup]),Vector(Vector of target to going that).
I want to discern parameters for doing actions on WrightEagleBASE for robocup soccer simulation ( ).
for example, if string have "U@1V@(2,4)" then Player Number one , move to Point (2,4)
Richard MacCutchan 25-Feb-12 7:10am    
You can use one of the string member functions to find the specific items within the string.
smss IR 25-Feb-12 7:58am    
how can?
Richard MacCutchan 25-Feb-12 8:03am    
By writing some code. I suggest you follow the link I provided and decide which member functions you need to use to get the results you want.

1 solution

u will get the char* using function string::c_str(), which can be used with sscanf function for easy parsing..

Hopes this helps somewhat..
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[no name] 25-Feb-12 17:54pm    
But your profile says that you are from the United States. :)
jk chan 26-Feb-12 7:36am    
i was lazy.
smss IR 26-Feb-12 8:04am    
I quote from my friend :D

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