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Now I Need a control can display the text and picture,Like microsoft's word can do.
The Text string and picture can be read from the Disk.Now I need a kind of control can display the text and the picture follow it.Of course may need control the format of them.
I use VS2008,C++.Windows OS
DrBones69 6-Mar-12 22:43pm    
What exactly are you asking? Have you tried anything?
jiazhiqiang 6-Mar-12 22:51pm    
Now I need a kind of control that has source code or from MFC can display the text and image together,like Web-page view,Now I can Get the Text string and the Path of image file,I just want to output them in a that control,as part of dialog.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Mar-12 22:49pm    
Very vague. At least specify what UI library do you want to use and some other relevant detial.
jiazhiqiang 6-Mar-12 22:54pm    
please look at the previous reply.
I use VS2008,No other library used so-far.I want that's kind of control,there 's Source code is better,if not,Some library is OK!
DrBones69 6-Mar-12 23:10pm    
So, you are using MFC? You can add a browser control for a web-like browser or you can add a picture control, both of these should be in the toolbox of VS when your dialog is selected.

Assuming that you are using MFC. Why dont you put a picture box and a static control in the dialog. Picture box can show the picture and the static control can display the text that you have retreived from the disk.
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jiazhiqiang 6-Mar-12 23:55pm    
I need one control that can display the Text string or images together(that can be have retreived from the disk)In a format:
"text Line 1"
[image 1]
[image 2]
"text Line 2"
[image 3]
So the comment to display is determined by user select and app's logic.Is not fixed.

One 1 line Text and a corresponding image.
you can just draw that in your dialog ,
draw text using : TextOut API
draw image using BitBlt

so in paint function you can just call
BitBlt( ...) // Image1
BitBlt( ...) // Image2
TextOut(...) ///

like that..
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jiazhiqiang 7-Mar-12 1:30am    
I just want it look like the contents is really in a control of the dlg,It can scroll up and down(read-only),when I press a "Hide" Button on dlg,that can be hiden and restore.
Is this approach you offer can do it? May you give me a sample or link?
Thank you!
Chandrasekharan P 7-Mar-12 1:42am    
I really dont think you will get such a ready made control. You can very well create an ActiveX Component and then put the component into your dialog box.
jiazhiqiang 7-Mar-12 2:13am    
I have decided to use RichEdit2.0,Thanks anyway!
jk chan 7-Mar-12 3:52am    
RichEdit will work..but beware some customizations are hard to implement with it
Use the Rich Edit 2.0 Control.
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