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Hi every body
I'm beginner in wpf and telerik component.
when I try to open a project the use telerick component, I get this messages and I couldn't run the applicathion.

Error 1 The type 'telerik:RadPropertyGrid' was not found. Verify that you are not missing an assembly reference and that all referenced assemblies have been built. D:\khodabandeh\Code\WPF Creator\Main Copy\0.8.5\VXML Creator\VXML Creator\MainWindow.xaml 62 30

Error 2 The tag 'RadPropertyGrid' does not exist in XML namespace ''. Line 62 Position 30. D:\khodabandeh\Code\WPF Creator\Main Copy\0.8.5\VXML Creator\VXML Creator\MainWindow.xaml 62 30

Did you encounter with similar problem?
If you have experience about similar problem, please don't withhold.

Thank you

This can typically happen if you forgot to build the solution before you debug it. OTher things to check for is if you actually added the correct referance.
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aghapour.ahad 5-Aug-12 14:24pm    
Thank you for quick answering.
I already build the solution but I get error and I don't know which version of telerik component used in that project, and I installed Telerik 2010 Q3 in my computer. every body know about telerik component versions?
Kenneth Haugland 5-Aug-12 15:24pm    
Sorry, I have never used Telerik's controller before. I have used others and solved the problem as I have described above... So.. :)
Finally I solved the problem.
I didn't use apt version of telerik componet and after installing RadControls_for_WPF_2012_1_0215_Dev the problem disappeared.
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For 3rd party controls like Telerik, I highly recommend using their forums found here:[^]
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