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Hello I want to make a 3d rotation button by JavaScript, not 3d formation, look at this picture:

can it done in java? I created one in css but didn't work on other than IE.
Updated 24-Aug-12 17:45pm
ridoy 25-Aug-12 2:35am    
is it a rotating button?
Brandon Caruana 25-Aug-12 18:38pm    
why not just do it with an animated gif? What is the reason for doing it with javascript specifically?

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Hi there,

This can be done in HTML5/CSS3 using CSS3 animation, keyframes and 3dtransform and will work in all browsers except IE9/lower and Opera. Alternatively, you can do it using just CSS3 3dtransform and JavaScript and that will work in all browsers except IE9/lower and Opera. Your final option is to try and use SVG or Canvas and JavaScript and detect mouse clicks to create a 3D rotating image that can be clicked on as though it were a button. I do not recommend this last option.

All of the info for doing all of this (including an understanding of programming JavaScript) can be found on[^]. Please see their HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript tutorials/complete references/complete examples (for everything!). You could easily have looked all this up on the internet without asking a question if you just searched a little bit - a search for "HTML 3d" puts this page (the most important one that yuo need) just second in the list: W3Schools CSS3 3D Transforms[^]. I am surprised you managed to create something that worked only in IE...was it a Java plugin? If so, that nulls my surprise. Java plugins are not necessary. HTML5/CSS3/Javascript can do this for you provided you don't mind it not working in IE9/lower and Opera. IE10 does support this. Coming versions of Opera will support it.

Hope this helps,
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Boudi AlSayed 25-Aug-12 19:38pm    
thanks, but this isn't what iam looking for, this transformation is like resizing not like the picture that I've add.
Ed Nutting 25-Aug-12 20:10pm    
Your picture shows rotation and that is what you asked for. That is precisely what this does - 3D rotation. Either you haven`tasked the right question out you cannot be bothered to read the properly - which is it?

Ed Nutting 25-Aug-12 20:13pm    
Oh and as your image appears to show perspective, if you read the page fully you`ll see that's supported too.
Boudi AlSayed 25-Aug-12 20:45pm    
oh, sorry I didn't read it all(That because I busy), but I already know this way and didn't use it since it doesn't work on all browsers, I'm looking for something works well on all web browsers and I know that it may be impossible to find that way.
Ed Nutting 25-Aug-12 21:42pm    
Your only solution has been suggested in a comment on your question -.use an animated gif image and wrap it in a link or use Javascript to detect when it is clicked.

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