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At some HTML source file i get some code like this
  <div id="header">
   <img src="{{companyLogo}}"/>
   <p id="companyName">{{companyName}}</p>
  ...... <!-- and many {{...}} tag -->

{{companyName}} and {{companyLogo}}
This tag is output from database like
echo $companyName;
in PHP.
My question is how it can display data from database? because it's just .html file.
There are no special tag except the {{..}} tag.
Is there any php framework that similar to use {{..}} tag ?

Many thanks for share the answer.
Mohibur Rashid 23-Sep-12 10:53am    
what framework are you using with php?
h4ckjr 24-Sep-12 0:10am    
I don't know what is the php framework.
I just make a template for this web using HTML and CSS from PSD document, and then i have to replace the content with {{..}} such as {{companyName}} and others.

Isuru Nanayakkara 23-Sep-12 10:56am    
what is this {{}} tag? I've never seen it.
SamarRizvi 23-Sep-12 16:09pm    
Why do you want to use a tag {{..}} like this?

1 solution

There is no such tag as "{{}}".
But it can be done something like this example:
// These can be read from a database
$companyName = "Name";
$companyLogo = "Logo Url";

//$html = file_get_contents("file.html");
$html = "...{{companyName}} and {{companyLogo}}...";

$tags = array('{{companyName}}' , '{{companyLogo}}');
$values = array($companyName, $companyLogo);

$replaced = str_replace($tags,$values,$html);

echo $replaced;
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h4ckjr 25-Sep-12 3:04am    
Hi Huseyin thanks for the solution. :)
I think the {{}} is custom tag that define constant in php.
Huseyin Atasoy 25-Sep-12 4:21am    
You can use anything that you want instead of {{}}. For example you can write <myvalue> or valMYVALUEval. We do that just to make them unique in a html page to prevent real contents from being replaced and making it easy to understand that they will be replaced.

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