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I have made a small script for taking text from jtextfiled and save to a variable and print it in eclipse. But it is not getting print. Here is my code.-

package not;

import javax.swing.*;
public class Not {
	public static void main(String args[]) {
		JTextField a = new JTextField();
        a.setBounds(20, 20, 20, 20);
		String b = a.getText();
		JFrame f = new JFrame();


Please help me. This is a sample project which I used in a very big program.

What I have tried:

Please help. Please. I beg. This is part of a very big program.
Updated 13-Jan-21 3:27am

There is literally nothing to print, because you haven't set any text, and you haven't given the user the opportunity to enter any text.

Even if you moved the line that retrieves the text after the line that adds the text field to the frame, it still wouldn't work, because you haven't given the user any time to enter some text.
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Mr.Corona 13-Jan-21 4:30am    
Sir You you mean I should put the TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(10);
Richard Deeming 13-Jan-21 4:33am    
No, that will cause the current thread to sleep for 10 milliseconds. Even if the user was fast enough to type in some text in that time, they wouldn't be able to, because the UI thread will be blocked.

You need to display the frame to the user, and wait for an event to fire once the user has finished entering the text.

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