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I need help. In class, we are doing a 6 week project, and I don't know what topic to pick. What's something an amateur programmer can do for 6 weeks?

What I have tried:

Please I need help right now I can't fail this class
Updated 10-May-21 9:37am
Rick York 10-May-21 11:17am
I like computer graphics so I would do something that involves that. I have no idea of how feasible that is for you and your development environment though. The key is to find something of both interest and relevance.
KarstenK 10-May-21 13:22pm
best is to do some basic stuff, so all students are learning some thing. Best is to pick some C++ stuff, because it is widely used. Learning using some IDE and debug a bit helps more than some fancy code which are writing only some crack.

Since we have no idea what you have learned or what your level of knowledge is it is difficult to suggest anything. And it is also impossible to guess what project would take you six weeks. You could try something like a contacts database, a restaurant menu and billing system, a simple message passing program, etc. Try some subject that you know about.
We can't really answer that - it depends on your interests, your skill level, your knowledge, the environments you are used to running C in (I don't write many console apps these days, because it's as quick for me to write it as a GUI app since I'm used to that - but if you only know how to write console apps, that's kinda significant!)
A project that takes me 6 weeks might take you a year, or possibly 6 days - I don't know!

Think about things that you are interested in, that stand a chance of being implemented in C*, then try to find examples of actual apps - not the source code, just the app - and look at how they "present" to the user. Is that something you feel you could do? Or do you not have a clue how to implement something like that? Then try to "whittle that down" to a manageable list of maybe three to five candidates.
Then go to your teacher and ask him what he thinks - are you being too ambitious? Not ambitious enough?
Only he will know that: he's doing the marking after all!

* project ideas in c language - Google Search[^] may help.
Write a compiler, or an interpreter.
Rick York 10-May-21 16:14pm
I did and it took me about a year and a half, including the debugger. The machine code generator was about two months, by itself.
CPallini 11-May-21 1:52am
It depends heavily on the target language.

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