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How do I add SQLite to the list of data sources in Visual Studio 2022? I have found solutions for many years ago but nothing recent. Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance!

What I have tried:

Days searching the internet. Is it so obvious that there aren't any articles or questions about it?
Updated 30-May-22 4:52am
Dave Kreskowiak 23-Mar-22 18:46pm
Better question. Why do you want to use the Data designers in Visual Studio? They're the training wheels for database code which you could write yourself without the designers hiding everything from you.
Blue Ocean 23-Mar-22 19:48pm
Because it seems to make working with the reporting side of things a little less difficult, but seeing as there doesn't seem to be a solution, I will likely work through the coding.

Blue Ocean 22-Mar-22 16:00pm
Maciej this article doesn't give any instructions on sqlite, what am I missing?
Maciej Los 22-Mar-22 17:13pm
Well... you need to install SQLite NuGet package to be able to connect to SQLite database. See: Overview - Microsoft.Data.Sqlite | Microsoft Docs[^]
Blue Ocean 23-Mar-22 10:21am
Maciej, I think I am asking this question wrong. I understand how to use SQLite in my C# project code (connection strings, commands, data adapters, data readers, command builder, etc) What I am trying to do is figure out how to include the SQLite in the list that is in the Visual Studio 2022 Data Source Configuration Wizard. In Visual Studio\Add New Data Source...\ the Data Source Configuration Wizard opens and asks for
...then it asks for
...then it asks for
DATA CONNECTION: I select NEW CONNECTION and the CHOOSE DATA SOURCE form opens with a list of sources:
Microsoft Access Database File
Microsoft ODBC Data Source
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server Database File

Here is where I need to have SQLite to select from. How do I add SQLite in this list?
RedDk 30-May-22 19:26pm
Short answer, and what I see as the end of the discussion ... SQLite is not a Microsoft product.
Check out this article, looks like what you're looking for. Using SQLite in a C# Application | CodeGuru[^]
Blue Ocean 23-Mar-22 13:43pm
Mike see my note below to Maciej.
Blue Ocean 23-Mar-22 15:12pm
Mike thanks for the link, but I am looking specifically for how to add SQLite to the data source list in Visual Studio 2022, Data Source Configuration Wizard.
Mike Hankey 23-Mar-22 15:29pm
Let me give you a little piece of advice...if you down vote everyone that attempts to help you you will get no help. I took 20min. out of my busy day to try to help. Just a heads up!
Blue Ocean 23-Mar-22 15:38pm
I didn't realize that was a negative thing, my apologies.

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