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How to read xlsx (created by openxml) file in C++ using CDatabase. Here is the code i tried and its failing.

I posted this question yesterday but team deleted as it duplicate, but i am unable to see the question in the forum and hence posting once again.

Any help is much appreciated. Thank You.

What I have tried:

int APIENTRY wWinMain(_In_ HINSTANCE hInstance,
                     _In_opt_ HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,
                     _In_ LPWSTR    lpCmdLine,
                     _In_ int       nCmdShow)

    // TODO: Place code here.

    CDatabase* pExcelDatabase = NULL;//Pointer to database
    CString csExcelFile = _T("D:\\Test\\ExcelFile.xlsx");
    CString csDSN;
    //check for file existence
    if (TRUE == ::PathFileExists(csExcelFile))// checks whether the file exists or not
        csDSN.Format(_T("DRIVER=Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xlsx);DSN='';DBQ=%s"), (LPCTSTR)csExcelFile);
        return NULL;

    //Create the database
    pExcelDatabase = new CDatabase();
    HRESULT hr;
    try // to handle exceptions on opening database
        hr = pExcelDatabase->OpenEx(csDSN,CDatabase::noOdbcDialog);//open the database
    catch (...)
        if (pExcelDatabase)
            delete pExcelDatabase;
        return NULL;
    // Initialize global strings
    LoadStringW(hInstance, IDS_APP_TITLE, szTitle, MAX_LOADSTRING);
    LoadStringW(hInstance, IDC_WINDOWSPROJECT1, szWindowClass, MAX_LOADSTRING);

    // Perform application initialization:
    if (!InitInstance (hInstance, nCmdShow))
        return FALSE;

    HACCEL hAccelTable = LoadAccelerators(hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDC_WINDOWSPROJECT1));

    MSG msg;

    // Main message loop:
    while (GetMessage(&msg, nullptr, 0, 0))
        if (!TranslateAccelerator(msg.hwnd, hAccelTable, &msg))

    return (int) msg.wParam;
Updated 2-Aug-22 4:35am

This is the third time you have posted this question. As explained before you should not repost. If you have additionla information then please edit your original question.

I explained yesterday how to find your original question: look in Your Messages. And if you still cannot find it How to read an xlsx file using CDatabase - C / C++ / MFC Discussion Boards[^].
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Sampath579 31-Jul-22 23:17pm    
Thanks Richard. Now i can find my old question with the link above you shared.
Please delete this post. But seriously i cannot see this question under "My Questions" tab.. Not sure whats the glitch.
Richard MacCutchan 1-Aug-22 3:27am    
That is because it is under "My Messages", as I mentioned above.
Figured it out on my own after a week investigation.

Replace the connection string


"DRIVER=Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xlsx);DSN='';DBQ=%s"), (LPCTSTR)csExcelFile


Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xlsb)};DBQ=C:\MyExcel.xlsx;

and install MDAC 32bit since my application is 32 bit and the problem will be resolved.

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