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I have two tables Employee Details and EmpAttendance.

Employee Details has EmployeeID ,EmployeeNAME, EMailID columns.
EmpAttendance has c_Date , Eid, Intime, Outtime,Count columns.

i have a form in windows app, when we type employeeID and press Submit Button, I need to display

S.NO c_Date EmployeeID EmployeeNAME EMailID Intime Outime Count TotalWorkingHours

where TotalWorkingHours is the difference between outtime and intime.

suggest me how to do this.
Updated 20-Feb-13 23:33pm

You need to start with database basics.
Do a join between the two tables and subrtact the datetimes values for intime and outtime to get totalworking hours.

Simple Database Application - Part 1[^] should help you get started.

For datetime calculations on query, try[^].
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MalwareTrojan 21-Feb-13 5:12am    
There is no Foreign Key in EmpAttendance or Matching values, so no join is possible.

--Regards Vardhan Desai
Bala Selvanayagam 21-Feb-13 5:30am    
Do we need a foreign key actually defined in order to do a join ?
MalwareTrojan 21-Feb-13 7:02am    
Not necessary but a matching column values with same datatype should be there for Join condition.
Make a Foreign Key in Table EmpAttendance with respect to EmployeeID; then do Join with matching this columns.

--Regards Vardhan Desai
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