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Dear Members,

Can anybody help me in this regard. I am trying to execute a ras SQL Query using Linq To Entity frame work in my C# windows forms project. Code is as follows.

string Query =  "SELECT" +
	"dbo.DataAccount.PatientAccountNumber, " +
	"dbo.DataAccount.PatientName, " +
	"dbo.DataAccount.BARStatus_ORPH," +
	"dbo.DataAccount.AdmitDate," +
	"dbo.DataAccount.ServiceDate," +
	"dbo.DataCodes.CPT1," +
	"dbo.DataCodes.CPT2," +
	"dbo.DataCodes.CPT4," +
	"dbo.DataCodes.CPT6," +
	"dbo.Diagnosis.DX1," +
	"dbo.Diagnosis.DX1DESC" +
"FROM " +
	"(dbo.DataCodes INNER JOIN " +
	"(dbo.DataAccount INNER JOIN dbo.Diagnosis " +
	"ON dbo.DataAccount.RowID = dbo.Diagnosis.DXRowID) " +
	"ON dbo.DataAccount.RowID = dbo.DataCodes.RowID)";

EntityConnection eConn = new EntityConnection(security.GetConnectionStringForPIAPratice(Server, DataBaseName, password));



            using (Etities entity = new Entities(eConn))
                var queryres = entity.ExecuteStoreQuery<dynamic>(Query , null);

                DGVQueryResults.DataSource = queryres.ToList();               

But after binding to Datagrdi view it is showing nothing. But i observed that var variable result queryres is holding objects.

Thanks & Regards.
Updated 23-Sep-13 17:37pm

1 solution

Why on earth would you do this ? Why use EF basically as an old fashioned SQL server connection ?

Perhaps if you created strongly typed classes, your datagrid would be able to work out how to deal with them ? If there's data there, the issue is with the datagrid dealing with it. As you call ToList at the last minute, I assume you're seeing data in the DataSource in the debugger, so try creating a real class and see if that helps.
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