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Hi guys,
I am getting exception on the bold Line in the code below.
Item_ID column in database is nvarchar(50). I haven't used dictionary before, this code is from someone else and i am trying to use it.

private static void FIllGroupID(string connectionString)
            string queryStringNoGroupID =
                "Use Items select * from table_items_shelves where Item_ID is Null or Item_ID = '';";

            SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(connectionString);
            SqlCommand CommandGetAllWithoutID = new SqlCommand(queryStringNoGroupID, connection);

            DataTable DataTableAllWithoutID = new DataTable();

            SqlDataAdapter adapterAllWithoutID = new SqlDataAdapter(CommandGetAllWithoutID);


            //this code will get empty items
            List<DataRow> nullOrEmpty = DataTableAllWithoutID.AsEnumerable()
                .Where(x => x.Field<object>("Item_ID") == null)
            //this creates a dictionary of valid items
            Dictionary<object, List<DataRow>> dict = DataTableAllWithoutID.AsEnumerable()
                .Where(x => x.Field<object>("Item_ID") != null)
                .GroupBy(x => x.Field<object>("Item_ID"), x => x)
                .ToDictionary(x => x.Key, x => (List<DataRow>)x.ToList());
            //create IEnumerator for the null items
            IEnumerator<DataRow> emptyRows = nullOrEmpty.GetEnumerator();
            Boolean noMoreEmptyRows = false;
            if (emptyRows != null)
                foreach (object key in dict.Keys)
                    //get count of items
                    int count = dict[key].Count;

//exception on this line

                    int itemID = (int)key;

                    for (int index = count; count < 8; count++)
                        //get an item from the null list
                        emptyRows.Current["Item_ID"] = itemID;
                        Console.WriteLine("current item ID "+itemID);
                        if (emptyRows.Current == null)
                            noMoreEmptyRows = true;
                    if (noMoreEmptyRows == true)
            //now test if there are still items that contains empty items
            if (emptyRows.Current != null)
                //add code to create new group

Well, that's probably because it isn't a int - exactly what it is, I'm not sure - and we'd need your SQL data to have a clue of working it out.

Instead, put a breakpoint on the line, and examine exactly what type of object key is. When you know that, you will be in a better position to work out what kind of cast you need.
Sorry - but that is about the best answer we can give, from that information!
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As per the code your Dictionary is of type Dictionary<object, List<DataRow>> and you are iterating through the Keys , with in the for each you need to get the List<DataRow>

var dataRows = dict[key]

You will have to iterate over the datarows

foreach(var row as DataRow in dataRows){

int itemID = (int)row["Item_ID"];

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Check this:
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Covert.ToInt32(key) insted of (int)key solved the problem.
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khurram ali lashari 9-Aug-14 8:34am    
Thanks @Mubshir its worked for me . would you Please explain me why (int) this type casting is not working ... ???????

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