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Partition Size obtained by Parsing the MBR is always 4096 Bytes Greater than the value that is seen in Volume Property in the disk-management. Is there any specific reason for this ? Reading through MBR dint help !


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What type of master boot record are you using? E.G. NEWLDR MBR As for the partition entry how are you calculating the size of the partition? You could calculate the address with the beginning and end address by using the start end address for the sectors. Does the (number of sectors) * (sector size) get you the same result?
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gssajith87 3-Jan-14 10:15am    
I am calculating the size using Number of sectors * sector size. (Number of sector) is the value that i got from MBR Partition table. The Value of (Number of sectors * sector) is always > The Value i see in disk-management property of the same volume by 4096 bytes.

Example : This is the output of the Volume info from Parsing the MBR info:
StartingHead 32
StartingSector 33
StartingCylinder 0
EndHead 155
EndSector 28
EndCylinder 127
Flags 0
gssajith87 15-Jan-14 6:18am    
I am Sorry about the question! The Size Interpreted using MBR was the actual Size. But I am not sure why Volume Property shows it lesser by 4096 bytes. What data does it ignore ? Wish to know, what part of the volume is not accounted for showing in the volume property by disk management.

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