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I've a dropdownlist that after I make updates and inserts to the entity I would like to refresh to display the newly inserted contact name. Here's my code for inserting the new record:
private void btnCreate_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            var nextContact = context.Contacts.OrderBy("it.ContactID DESC").First();
            int nextContactID = nextContact.ContactID + 1;
            string[] name = txtTenant.Text.Split(' ');
            var contact = Contact.CreateContact(nextContactID, name[0].ToString(), name[1].ToString());
            var address = new Address();
            address.Address1 = txtAddress.Text;
            contact.ContactNumber = txtContactNum.Text;
            address.Mortgage = txtMortgage.Text;
            address.RemainingMortgage = txtRemainingMortgage.Text;
            address.Rent = txtRent.Text;
            address.Period = cboPeriod.SelectedIndex;
            address.RentArrears = txtRentArrears.Text;
            address.Rates = txtRates.Text;
            address.RatesUpToDate = chkRates.Checked;
            address.RentArrears = txtRentArrears.Text;
            address.Repairs = txtRepairs.Text;
            //join the new address to the contact
            address.Contact = contact;
            //add new graph to the contact
Tejas Vaishnav 28-Jan-14 6:43am    
where is your code to bind data to your dropdownlist can you post it
pmcm 28-Jan-14 6:48am    
Here it is:
private void QueryContacts()
cboContactList.DataSource = context.Contacts.ToList();
cboContactList.DisplayMember = "FirstName";
cboContactList.ValueMember = "ContactID";
cboContactList.Text = "-- Please Select a Contact --";

1 solution

After the insertion call the function QueryContacts()
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pmcm 28-Jan-14 8:21am    
When I do this it sets the display value of the Dropdownlist to "-- Please Select a Contact --" which is not what I want if I insert a new contact, i'd like that persons name to be the display value. How do i achieve this?
Praveen_P 28-Jan-14 23:56pm    
select the last inserted ContactID from db using IDENT_CURRENT , then set cboContactList.SelectedValue to last inserted id

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