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Hi Guys,
Consider a following example.

Name : Richard
Last Name : Mark
Occupation: Developer

I really dont you to consider the values on right hand side(eg:Richard, Mark,..)
and my requirement is more like the following

I have tried setting a fixed width like the below

string.Format("{0,-10}: Name\n{1,-10}: Last\n{2,-10}: Last\n", "Mohan", "PrasathSJ","Praba");

But this always shows the display like below[^]

in Silverlight.
You could see that the text doesnot get aligned properly in a straight line.

How the above can be aligned so that it displays like the Diagram 1(above) in silverlight.

I have tried with tags("\t") also. But too didn't give me what exactly I need.

Thank you for your time..
Updated 19-Feb-14 21:19pm

you've simply got things in the wrong order in the format.

Try using
string.Format("Name :{0}\nLast :{1}\nOccupation :{2}", "Mohan", "PrasathSJ","Praba");
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Prasaad SJ 20-Feb-14 2:36am    
Hi.. Thanks for your response.
I am actually following the below

I am setting a fixed width here. This works fine in Command Prompt but not looking good(as shown in diagram2) in Silver light. I usually beleive that the Cmd prompt took the whole pixel but Window tries to decrease the size of letter based on the letter( You can see that in the link 2 that I included)
NeverJustHere 20-Feb-14 7:03am    
OK, I understand better now.
You need to change the font to a fixed width font. This will be a property on whatever text control you are using.

The console uses a fixed width font. A fixed width font has each letter taking the exact same width.

As an alternatice, in Silverlight you could use 6 different text controls, and align them as you want. Then each of the controls gets a different part of the text.
Prasaad SJ 25-Feb-14 21:04pm    
You got it.. How could I achieve the fixed width font in Silverlight.. ?
In case you are displaying this text in a wordwrapped control, this could move to the next line.
Set the minimum width of the control to accommodate this string.
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Prasaad SJ 20-Feb-14 2:37am    
Hi.. Abinav I did set the width of the each string using the below code
string.Format("{0,-10}: Name\n{1,-10}: Last\n{2,-10}: Last\n", "Mohan", "PrasathSJ","Praba");

But still then it looks not aligned in the window.

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