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I want to redirect URLs entered in the browser to a page On PC?
for example when I enter "",it redirect to and show this page. I want to do this for all website entered in the browser.
OriginalGriff 2-Mar-14 5:08am    
I can't think of any reason that isn't malicious...
Amin Soltani 2-Mar-14 5:19am    
I am making a program like netsupport school
I need to Redirect URl for Web dontAccess.

I'm sorry i can write english very well!!!!
Krunal Rohit 2-Mar-14 5:15am    
Elaborate it.


1 solution

Do not do it on the client machine.

You need to set up a proxy server on the network.

Configure all clients to use the proxy server, so their http requests are sent to the proxy server.

Then, on the proxy server, you can set rules for what is allowed and what isn't.

If the proxy allows it, it will forward the request to the internet, and when it receives a response, forward that to the client.

Obviously, you need to lock down the clients, so that the proxy settings cannot be changed.

Their are loads of hardware based filtering devices in the market too.
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Amin Soltani 3-Mar-14 11:12am    
Can you write a example for me?
NeverJustHere 3-Mar-14 12:51pm    

This type of software is big and complex.

There is an open source system called Squid that you should look at if you wish to understand how these types of systems work in detail.

It is c/c++ codes rather than c#.

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