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Hi, i have 2 files, file.aspx and file.aspx.cs. In .aspx i have
<asp:RadioButtonList ID="inputOKToEmailDispatchService" runat="server">
    <asp:ListItem Value="Yes" Text="Yes"></asp:ListItem>
    <asp:ListItem Value="No" Text="No"></asp:ListItem>

and in aspx.cs i have
string selectedValue = inputOKToEmailDispatchService.SelectedItem.Text;

string selectedValueSomething = inputOKToEmailDispatchService.SelectedValue.ToString();

Where is the problem? The code dont detect, if the any item in radiobuttonlist is selected (checked).
Thanks :)
Updated 30-Apr-14 12:50pm
ZurdoDev 30-Apr-14 15:52pm    
This is not clear. Are you saying you select something, then push a button, and selected item is null?

If so, you likely are binding in your page_load without checking for IsPostBack.
vezo11 30-Apr-14 16:41pm    
Oh sorry, yes i have button, when i press this button, the program does not detect which radio button are selected.. In this button i still have a many other elements such as
- someInt= Convert.ToInt16(type.SelectedItem.Value);
- EndDate = Convert.ToDateTime(dateEnd.PostedDate);
and all of these elements are working..
ZurdoDev 30-Apr-14 17:06pm    
See solution 1.
ZurdoDev 30-Apr-14 20:05pm    
Then you are probably databinding in page_load without checking for IsPostBack
vezo11 1-May-14 11:54am    
Thanks RyanDev :)

So, you've created a control called inputOKToEmailDispatchService and on postpack, the inputOKToEmailSupplier is not set. Wonder why?
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ZurdoDev 30-Apr-14 17:10pm    
Good eye. But please make sure to be polite. :)
vezo11 30-Apr-14 17:46pm    
Im sorry.. i have inputOKToEmail -DispatchService, -Admin and -Supplier .. for each of them i have one radiobuttonlist.. So.. i copied the wrong code, but it is the same problem... Im going to fix the question ;)
NeverJustHere 30-Apr-14 19:23pm    
Apologies, I wasn't intending to be rude, but I can see what I wrote doesn't read nicely.
ZurdoDev 30-Apr-14 20:06pm    
No problem.
My solution is:

                    <td width="25%" align="right" valign="middle">Contact supplier:</td>
                    <td width="75%" align="left" valign="middle">
                        <asp:radiobutton id="inputOKToEmailSupplierYes" runat="server" groupname="inputOKToEmailSupplier" text="Yes" checked="true" xmlns:asp="#unknown"></asp:radiobutton>  
						<asp:radiobutton id="inputOKToEmailSupplierNo" runat="server" groupname="inputOKToEmailSupplier" text="No" xmlns:asp="#unknown"></asp:radiobutton>
                        <label visible="false" id="suppWar" style="color:red" runat="server"></label>

and file.aspx.cs
#region OKToEmailSupplier
if (inputOKToEmailSupplierYes.Checked)
    ContactSupplier = 1;
else if(inputOKToEmailSupplierNo.Checked)
    ContactSupplier = 0;

In Page_Load i called the
, where i put all attributes to "null" value.. I think that was the problem :)
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