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I am new to this forum. I need help in creating a sound visualizer for my Media Player developed using MCI commands. Can you please help me with this. It's urgent. Thanks in advance.
Updated 28-May-10 1:56am
Smithers-Jones 28-May-10 8:59am    
Reason for my vote of 1
"Thou shalt not use urgent", since it's only urgent for you, not for the rest of the world (but maybe your client/teacher). Also posting a general question with a vague problem, then downvoting Dylan's answer and stating you already did more without giving any hint what you did so far and what your problem is, is just plain stupidity. With a behaviour like this you decrease your chances of getting help here to zero.

Sound Visualizer[^]

Wow, top hit is this site!
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subramanya2 28-May-10 7:57am    
Reason for my vote of 1
Well i have done more than what you told. Nothing worked so i came here
Dylan Morley 28-May-10 8:02am    
Then post some source code & let us know the part that you're having a problem with. Your question is far too generic.
Smithers-Jones 28-May-10 9:04am    
Subramanya2, you are a moron. You didn't explain what you did so far, Dylan gave you an answer to your vague "question" and you vote 1? Really great. Maybe you tell us what you problem is exactly instead of hoping that somebody will read your mind and come up with a solution to whatever goes on in your head, hm? That would increase your chance of getting help. But by downvoting Dylan's answer you decreased your chances to zeor. Good luck.
Hello Smithers.If my explanation was very less, ask for more details i ll give you but anybody in this world knows how to google around for some details. But when googling around doesn help we try to approach masters like Dylan. But instead of asking for more details he just showed how to google around. So i down voted dylan. Well Im not here to down vote masters. If insulted or hurt by my reply i beg a pardon to dylan
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Gonzoox 28-May-10 13:12pm    
Reason for my vote of 1
This is not an answer

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