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my querystring is: id=571551&locationId=22&pg=1&ln=1
and i want to extract only id=571551 and my result should be: locationId=22&pg=1& can i do this
Suvendu Shekhar Giri 30-Dec-14 2:37am    
Where you need these values? Can you just describe a little more about your problem.

string q = @"id=571551&locationId=22&pg=1&ln=1";

string q2 = q.Substring(q.IndexOf("&") + 1);
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Agent__007 30-Dec-14 6:09am    
[no name] 31-Dec-14 0:17am    
This will always gove the first querystring. For subsequent querystrings it will not work. For that my ans below will work. still it resolves the issue of the person who had asked the question.

Here you can see the query string is having a querystring separator "&" Use the split function to separate the parameters based on the deliminator (&) and it will result you the parameters in an array. then you can skip the required parameters from the array and reform the querystring using stringbuilder.

Sisir Patro
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Member 9361273 30-Dec-14 4:20am    
Thanks Sisir Patro i did it but in this way i cannot findout absolute this way my result is: division=Dhaka&pg=1&keyword=bba&ln=1& where an extra deliminator has added in string. my code is:
querystring = id=571889&division=Dhaka&pg=1&keyword=bba&ln=1;
string[] arr = querystring.Split('&');
var items1 = arr.Skip(1);
StringBuilder surl = new StringBuilder();
foreach (String s in items1)
surl.Append(s + "&");
[no name] 30-Dec-14 5:04am    
As you have a requirement that you want to remove the 1st query string only right.
Then you can get the querystring value as mentioned above. Now your value will be "id=571889". Keep this value in a variable and append "&" at the end. Now your value becomes "id=571889&". Now using string.Replace() method you can replace this value with "".

Member 9361273 31-Dec-14 0:05am    
thanks sisir.i solved my problem.
[no name] 31-Dec-14 0:09am    
you can easily get you desire querystring use:
and use it where needed separately.
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