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Am trying to update my label so that when the user click new button it must get the xmlnode and update the number to a string. how can i do that

int updateversion = 1000;
                XmlNode myNode = root.SelectSingleNode("descendant::resheader[@name = 'version']/value");
                myNode.InnerText = updateversion.ToString();
                lblversion.Text = myNode.ToString();
Updated 5-Mar-15 2:18am
ZurdoDev 5-Mar-15 8:25am    
What's wrong with your code?
Bacanzela 5-Mar-15 8:34am    
it doesn't update the lable
ZurdoDev 5-Mar-15 8:36am    
lblversion.Text = myNode.ToString(); does something.
Bacanzela 5-Mar-15 8:40am    
it is not
ZurdoDev 5-Mar-15 8:42am    
If the code hits that line, then yes, it is converting myNode to a string and putting it in the lblversion. You need to do some debugging and then explain what is happening.

1 solution

myNode is just the object, you need to tell what you want to get from that object

label.Text = myNode["nodename"].InnerText;
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Bacanzela 5-Mar-15 16:44pm    
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Gonzoox 5-Mar-15 16:48pm    
you're changing the "nodename" part to what you actually have right??

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