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NHibernate Threw An Error Reserved SQLserver Keywords Were Used Within Mappings, Queries, etc.

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13 Aug 2015CPOL 5.1K   2   2
NHibernate threw an error when used Reserved SQLserver kerywords with in mappings, queries, etc.


A long-long time ago, I faced this problem while using NHibernate.

“Nhibernate threw an error when Reserved SQLserver keywords were used within mappings, queries, etc.”

I tried to find the solution for this issue and I did not find a good solution. The only one I found is just manually encode these reserved keywords. It was a real headache for me and I was having 1000s of things where I used these reserved keywords.

How To Resolve the Issue?

One day, I was working on some different project, where I need a lot of Extension methods and I got the idea. I found the solution for my problem and I found the following solutions. I did not remember where I found this code, but it is working.

public static class EncodeSqlReservered
        public static string EncodeKeywordWithBraces(string keywordToEncode)
            return string.Format("[{0}]", keywordToEncode);

        public static string EncodeToBraces(this string keywordToEncode)
            return string.Format("[{0}]", keywordToEncode);

End Notes

Here, I just shared the two extension methods, we can create as many as required. Also, we can use these methods directly in our mapping classes.

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QuestionExample code Pin
Shuby Arora14-Aug-15 9:17
Shuby Arora14-Aug-15 9:17 
can you please provide example coede?

AnswerRe: Example code Pin
Gaurav Aroraa16-Aug-15 4:19
professionalGaurav Aroraa16-Aug-15 4:19 

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