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Looping through Object's properties in C#

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6 Jun 2011CPOL 140.9K   7   3
Looping through object's properties in C#

Have you ever tried to make a dynamic test page? To build an HTML element that contains all the properties of a specific .NET object?

Well, I encountered this problem a couple of days ago and while searching Google, I barely found good matches. So I decided that for my sake, and yours, I will simply post a short explanation about how to do it, followed by a quick and simple example of how to loop though object properties in C#.

First I'll provide a short explanation about Reflection:
Reflection enables you to discover an object's properties, methods, events and properties values at run-time.  Reflection can give you a full mapping of an object (well, it's public data).

In order to use reflection, and to loop through the object's properties, we'll first have to import the namespace:

using System.Reflection;

Now, let's say I have an object called User and this object has 2 public properties:

  1. UserID
  2. Name

My code will look something like this:

int testID = 123456; 
User usr = new User(testID); // this is constructor to get user by ID
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

PropertyInfo[] properties = user.GetType().GetProperties();
foreach (PropertyInfo pi in properties)
        string.Format("Name: {0} | Value: {1}", 
                pi.GetValue(user, null)
divResults.InnerText = sb.ToString();

This little piece of code will fill your HTML element with the properties names and values.

Have fun!


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

Comments and Discussions

QuestionThere is a typo in the code Pin
Drilon Ahmetaj20-Oct-21 5:31
Drilon Ahmetaj20-Oct-21 5:31 
QuestionExcellent! Pin
Camilo Reyes27-Mar-16 2:27
professionalCamilo Reyes27-Mar-16 2:27 
GeneralMy vote of 3 Pin
Diamonddrake25-Feb-13 19:01
Diamonddrake25-Feb-13 19:01 
has a typo in the code, the pi.GetValue method uses the argument "user" which is defined as usr above, one of them is incorrect.

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