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Posted 16 Nov 2011


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Earn $ with Your Business Mobile App

2 Apr 2012CPOL3 min read
An article that discusses how to earn more on today's mobile market

This article is in the Product Showcase section for our sponsors at CodeProject. These articles are intended to provide you with information on products and services that we consider useful and of value to developers.

I see a lot of mobile developers complaining about their  revenues nowadays. The mobile developers that were formerly selling their  high-quality apps for 50-100$ now cannot sell their apps above couple of bucks.  Where is the problem? The problem is that with the sudden boom of Android  market and AppStore an enormous amount of mobile developers from China and  India are flooding the market with low-quality cheap apps. This produces a  large competition with unattractive low margin. But I tell you something. There  is still a huge blue ocean of profit that can be made in mobile industry. The  part of it is still hidden in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP segment.

What is the ERP??

Enterprise Resource Planning is a software solution that  helps to integrate accounting, finance, manufacturing, project, retail,  logistics and all supply management chain needs.

Microsoft has 4 ERP servers  that are being widely used:

  • NAV
  • AX
  • GP
  • SL

The average 3-year cost of Microsoft Dynamics AX deployment is 2.400.000USD that is  followed by really high maintenance costs. Only very solvent companies can  afford such solution.

Here is the best part – there is no mobile solution  available for neither of Dynamics AX, NAV, GP or SL. Except one. The Resco  MobileERP.

Resco MobileERP

Resco MobileERP is a fine-tuned solution for Microsoft  Dynamics ERP servers.

The solution comes with:

  • Ready application with full source code
  • Built-in synchronization
  • Studio tools with designers, libraries,  components and controls.

The application works in offline mode and stores data in its  own SQL CE database. The synchronization is done on-demand which has several  advantages – the app is much more responsive and user can access his data  anywhere even without the internet connection. The Studio is embedded into  Visual Studio and can be used to add any functionality to provided application.  The ERP customers often need to add functionality. For instance somebody wants  the mobile app for warehouse management, other one needs an app for sales  people who visit their customers. Also a very popular use is nowadays in the  hospitals, logistics and many other industries.


The mobile application comes with a full source code. It is  a single solution for multiple platforms. Out of the box you get many  predefined entities ready for synchronization (Customers, Accounts, Services…).  You don’t have to write a single line of code if you want to customize the app.  New entities can be added using designers that automatically generate code for  you.

Appearance of the forms, lists and details can be changed  using visual designers directly included in Visual Studio (in form of  packages). It is an easy way to customize your app.

Business-Mobile-App/WP7-HomeScreen.png  Business-Mobile-App/WP7-CustomersScreen.png

Resco Mobile ERP supports 4 platforms:

  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows Phone
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Android

Only 1 project is always used for all platforms. Resco ERP  Studio will do the rest for you.

Here are the key ingredients if you want to earn a large  pile of CA$H:

  • Visual Studio
  • .NET and C# skills
  • Resco MobileERP

More info:
Author: Peter Hanustiak (peter.hanustiak(at)
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QuestionAny DEV samples using Microsoft Dynamics AX ? Pin
Venkat Chaitanya Kanumukula5-Mar-14 16:35
MemberVenkat Chaitanya Kanumukula5-Mar-14 16:35 
Hey Thanks for the info on RESCO! But would like to know more brief information on Technical samples. Do you have DEV samples with Microsoft Dynamics Products.

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