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Posted 19 Sep 2014

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Sample Code to Scramble a Word using C# String object

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19 Sep 2014CPOL
This post shows sample code to scramble a word using C# string object


I was developing a small C# program to generate and print scrambled words puzzle for kids, which are generally called 'Jumbled Words' by many children. I was looking for some C# or VB.NET sample code to scramble the letters in the given word. For example, if the given word is "POLICE", I should be able to randomly scramble the letters in the word and generate a new word something like this: "COLPIE" or "ICELPO". I found a couple of examples in various sites, but I wasn't convinved with most of them. So I decided to write a sample myself. Here is the code I came up with to scramble the given word to develop my Jumbled Words puzzle:

 public string ScrambleWord(string word) 
    char[] chars = new char[word.Length]; 
    Random rand = new Random(10000); 
    int index = 0; 
    while (word.Length > 0) 
    { // Get a random number between 0 and the length of the word. 
        int next = rand.Next(0, word.Length - 1); // Take the character from the random position 
                                                  //and add to our char array. 
        chars[index] = word[next];                // Remove the character from the word. 
        word = word.Substring(0, next) + word.Substring(next + 1); 
    return new String(chars); 

How to Call the string Scramble Method?

It is very easy to use the above method to scramble the words. See an example below:

string word = "POLICE"; string scrambled_Word = ScrambleWord(word); 

This C# sample is short and efficient, compared to some other pretty big programs I could find on the web to scramble strings. There is nothing specific to C# here, so you can easily change the syntax a bit to make your own VB.NET word scramble program.

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This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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PIEBALDconsult19-Sep-14 5:19
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Prerak Patel19-Sep-14 5:08
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Thanks787219-Sep-14 8:07
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SuggestionLINQ does this in just one line Pin
Prerak Patel19-Sep-14 5:07
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QuestionHi Pin
alejandro29A19-Sep-14 4:30
alejandro29A19-Sep-14 4:30 
I think you have implemented the Fisher-Yates Shuffle[^]...
Dios existe pero duerme...
Sus pesadillas son nuestra existencia.
(Ernesto Sabato)

QuestionWhy not as an extension method ? Pin
Catalin Hatmanu19-Sep-14 4:15
Catalin Hatmanu19-Sep-14 4:15 

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