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Articles: 6

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Desktop Programming
Windows Forms
3 Jan 2006   Updated: 3 Jan 2006   Rating: 4.78/5    Votes: 50   Popularity: 8.03
Licence: LGPL3    Views: 291,426     Bookmarked: 187   Downloaded: 3,664
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Use XML definitions for your applications to make them extensible.
5 Oct 2009   Updated: 1 Apr 2013   Rating: 4.97/5    Votes: 271   Popularity: 12.07
Licence: LGPL3    Views: 1,896,683     Bookmarked: 535   Downloaded: 72,332
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AvalonEdit is an extensible Open-Source text editor with support for syntax highlighting and folding.
5 Oct 2008   Updated: 25 Apr 2009   Rating: 4.95/5    Votes: 240   Popularity: 11.74
Licence: MIT    Views: 491,854     Bookmarked: 535   Downloaded: 5,418
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Different approaches to weak events
26 Jul 2009   Updated: 26 Jul 2009   Rating: 4.97/5    Votes: 22   Popularity: 6.68
Licence: MIT    Views: 155,136     Bookmarked: 46   Downloaded: 3,824
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Explains why WPF seems to break if you try to use FocusScope, and provides a simple solution.
Programming Languages
11 Aug 2012   Updated: 11 Aug 2012   Rating: 4.99/5    Votes: 47   Popularity: 8.34
Licence: MIT    Views: 162,955     Bookmarked: 115   Downloaded: 7,717
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Use NRefactory to write a standalone application that refactors your C# code.
18 Jul 2006   Updated: 18 Jul 2006   Rating: 4.90/5    Votes: 15   Popularity: 5.46
Licence: LGPL3    Views: 83,374     Bookmarked: 69   Downloaded: 1,325
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This article shows you how to start writing SharpDevelop add-ins, by porting Jon Rista's VS add-in to SharpDevelop.

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Germany Germany
I am the lead developer on the SharpDevelop open source project.