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Best "Everything Else" Article of June 2018

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4 Jun 2020Vincent Maverick Durano
This article will talk about how to implement a custom wrapper for your ASP.NET Core and Web API applications for managing exceptions, providing meaningful and consistent responses to consumers.
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26 Jun 2018CMalcheski
A Full DirectX Sample Application Created in Pure Assembly Language
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25 Jun 2018LLLLGGGG
In this article, I am going to explain how to generate a hexagonal tessellation and how to draw it in Unity 3D
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24 Jun 2018raddevus
Build this Arduino-driven device which incorporates a touch-screen and Bluetooth and you'll never have to type a password again.
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21 Jun 2018Syed Zain Shah
In this article, you will learn about basic foremost concepts about Action Results in ASP.NET MVC 5. Hope you'll enjoy this. Feel free to give your feedback.
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7 Jun 2018Habibur Rony
This article mainly covers how to create new build and release definition using VSTS. There are short descriptions of DevOps, continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment.
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7 Sep 2018Robert Vandenberg Huang
Experiment, run and compare different pathfinding algorithms and heuristic functions
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6 Jun 2018Amarnath S
A historical problem in Probability with apparent and correct solutions, along with its Python simulation
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25 Jun 2018Clifford Nelson
A way to create a custom derived control with the XAML file attached like a UserControl
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20 Jun 2018Clifford Nelson
This behavior will select the entire text when a TextBox or PasswordBox gains focus
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5 Jun 2018Ryan Peden
This article will guide you through creating a simulated Arduino project connected to a breadboard using Tinkercad
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16 Jun 2018Dominick Marciano
An introduction to quantum computing and the differences between classical and quantum computers.
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27 Jun 2018Clifford Nelson
These are some methods I created to help with creating and deleting Windows shared directories.
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18 Jun 2018charles922
Games/Fun with Programming
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5 Jun 2018Ryan Peden 1 alternative  
This article will guide you through connecting an Arduino to a breadboard and then controlling LEDs
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25 Jun 2018alex_brambila
How to implement OIDC Authentication and Authorization with React without Redux
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18 Jun 2018Jesús Utrera
Third article of a series of articles introducing deep learning coding in Python and Keras framework
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18 Sep 2018Zijian
Generate TypeScript Interfaces from POCO Classes of .NET Framework or .NET Core
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12 Jun 2018Member 13737597
This article shows how to build Apache web server from source on Windows.
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13 Jun 2018syed shanu
In this article, let’s see how to create our own ASP.NET Core Blazor Master Detail HTML Grid with Sorting and Filtering using Entity Framework, and Web API. We also use the Dynamic Content features of Blazor to create our Master Detail Grid.
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1 Jun 2018umar.techBOY
The two functions convert/parse number strings with prefix multipliers (Milli, Kilo, Mega, Giga, etc). The code includes try/catch blocks for tolerating writing styles.
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23 Jun 2018Anshu Krishna
This tip is a simple example to illustrate how the HTML5 CustomElements can be used to create a custom date tag which has the ability to show relative date (like '5 days ago', 'Next month', '5 years ago', etc.)
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28 Jun 2018Biswal Tanmaya
Node.js async await vs promise vs callback
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4 Jun 2018Shayne P Boyer
Why should we care about containers for development
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18 Jun 2018raddevus
A main challenge to learning Arduino programming is that there is no debugger that will show you what your hardware is actually doing. Learn how easy it is to connect an LCD to write "logging" statements.
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23 Jun 2018Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter
The RFID reader idea that never made it...
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22 Jun 2018John M. Dlugosz
How can an automated test program test that something is rejected at compile time?
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21 Jun 2018Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
How to define a class and instantiate class object
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16 Jun 2018Dominick Marciano
An introduction to using IBM's Quantum Experience platform that allows users to design quantum circuits and to simulate the results of a calculation or to run the circuit on a real quantum computer.
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11 Jun 2018Member 10481957
Chronological Expressions is a RegEx inspired Pattern Matching Library and Specification for query event logs
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26 Jun 2018Arindom Ghosh
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1 Jun 2018YangManWoo
This article describes how to create custom controls using strategy patterns.
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16 Jun 2018Dominick Marciano
An introduction to what quantum computer gates are, how they are used, and their effect on qubits.
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16 Jun 2018Dominick Marciano
An introduction to quantum circuits and an open source language, OpenQASM, used to describe quantum circuits.
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24 Jun 2018Dave M. (Member 10734106)
Implement user tagging in your Android application
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1 Jun 2018Member 13737597
This article shows how Windows generates IP header's ID field
29 Jun 2018Intel
We are excited to announce the availability of the TANK AIoT Dev Kit by iEi, with support for the OpenVINO™ toolkit and Intel® Media SDK.
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29 Jun 2018RamanaReddy V
Login to your VPN through CISCO with single mouse click jump to your VPN system below 30 seconds..!
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23 Jun 2018Biswal Tanmaya
Use of Realm object in Realm event handler
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20 Jun 2018David A. Gray
This article demonstrates every documented strftime substitution token, and provides a tool to generate your own list for your platform.
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6 Jun 2018Gunnar S
Third article in a series of three regarding NServiceBus, WebAPI and Azure Service Fabric
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19 Jun 2018José Simões
Using Interop to call native (C/C++) code from C# (managed) library with .NET nanoFramework
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22 Jun 2018Azim Zahir
This is a demonstration of a Torch application built using Android.
11 Jun 2018Wayne Myer
How tax automation can help your company cut costs and reduce risk by managing sales tax more effectively
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7 Jun 2018David A. Gray
If you use the Angular CLI, you need a custom command prompt, along the lines of the Visual Studio Developer Tools command prompt.
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2 Jun 2018Member 13855425
How to implement asynchronous echo TCP Server & Client using Tornado framework
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6 Dec 2020Shenwei Liu
An Angular sample application that includes selecting, adding, updating, and deleting data with HttpClient service, reactive forms for object and array types, in-line data list editing, custom input validations, and various other features (latest update with Angular 11 CLI and ASP.NET Core 5.0).
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4 Jul 2018gggustafson
Describes a method whereby Web Master Pages can be developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
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30 Jun 2018Matt McGuire
Using an Arduino Nano to control all the working lights on an old 1978 Suzuki GS500

Current Participants

Those with articles that match the contest criteria are automatically entered.

Technical Lead
India India

Kunal Chowdhury is a former Microsoft "Windows Platform Development" MVP (Most Valuable Professional, 2010 - 2018), a Codeproject Mentor, Speaker in various Microsoft events, Author, passionate Blogger and a Senior Technical Lead by profession.

He is currently working in an MNC located in India. He has a very good skill over XAML, C#, Silverlight, Windows Phone, WPF and Windows app development. He posts his findings, articles, tutorials in his technical blog ( and CodeProject.

Books authored:

Connect with Kunal on:

Software Developer (Senior) Better Software Solutions, LLC
United States United States
Alex Brambila is a seasoned Software Developer with over 25 years experience with Microsoft technologies ,as well as many others, such as: .NET Core, React, ASP.Net, Visual Studio, MVC, SQL Server, C#, VB, Javascript, Oracle, Android, Java, and many more. He has spent decades working in Information Technology for various government and private organizations. Currently he runs his own business: Better Software Solutions, LLC headquartered in California.
India India
Programming computers since about 1987, my first computer language was Fortran 77. Later I learnt C, C++ and C#. Also programmed a little in VB .Net. Worked with Enterprise Java for a short while. I love watching Kannada movies, and listening to Kannada songs. Currently studying and understanding the Bhagavad Geetha and teaching Sanskrit on YouTube.

Technical Lead
India India
Languages that I work in: Python, JavaScript, C++, C, HTML, CSS, C#, PHP, SQL
Software Developer (Senior) Fujitsu Consulting India
India India
Currently working as a BluePrism and C# developer. Previously worked as a WPF/C#, Silverlight/C#, Asp.Net and MVC with C# developer when part of the Cognizant and Vidushi Infotech.
Instructor / Trainer NIIT, India
India India
I am a trainer by profession. Currently I am working with iFuture Technologies(India) as a Senior Faculty. I enjoy programming as a hobby. During my career I have seen the growth and decline of many technologies, many of them being my favorites like Flash, WPF, Windows Mobile Development. Few of my current favorites are Android, Xamarin and Python, though I also like traditional and evergreen languages like PHP, C#, Visual Basic and Java.

Apart from computers, my favorite pastime is bicycling.
Software Developer (Senior)
India India
I always believe Clean code & Quality code are the key points in Web Development.
Software Developer (Senior)
United States United States
Chuck Peasley is a developer in Orange County, CA
Software Developer (Senior) Clifford Nelson Consulting
United States United States
Has been working as a C# developer on contract for the last several years, including 3 years at Microsoft. Previously worked with Visual Basic and Microsoft Access VBA, and have developed code for Word, Excel and Outlook. Started working with WPF in 2007 when part of the Microsoft WPF team. For the last eight years has been working primarily as a senior WPF/C# and Silverlight/C# developer. Currently working as WPF developer with BioNano Genomics in San Diego, CA redesigning their UI for their camera system. he can be reached at
Software Developer (Senior) Contract Developer
United States United States
I work as a contract developer, specializing in assembly language driver software for specialized hardware. I also focus on identifying and removing performance bottlenecks in any software, using assembly language modifications, as well as locating hard-to-find bugs. I’m a specialist; I prefer to stay away from everyday, mundane development. I can fix problems in high level languages but as a rule I don’t like working with them for general development. There is no shortage of experienced developers in any language besides assembly. I am very much a niche programmer, a troubleshooter; the closer to the hardware I work, the happier I am. I typically take on the tasks others can’t or don’t want to do.
United States United States
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer (Senior)
United States United States
I deliver robust, clean, adaptable, future-ready applications that are properly documented for users and maintainers. I have deep knowledge in multiple technologies and broad familiarity with computer and software technologies of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

While it isn't perceived as sexy, my focus has always been the back end of the application stack, where data arrives from a multitude of sources, and is converted into reports that express my interpretation of The Fundamental Principle of Tabular Reporting, and are the most visible aspect of the system to senior executives who approve the projects and sign the checks.

While I can design a front end, I prefer to work at the back end, getting data into the system from outside sources, such as other computers, electronic sensors, and so forth, and getting it out of the system, as reports to IDENTIFY and SOLVE problems.

When presented with a problem, I focus on identifying and solving the root problem for the long term.

Specialties: Design: Relational data base design, focusing on reporting; organization and presentation of large document collections such as MSDS libraries

Development: Powerful, imaginative utility programs and scripts for automated systems management and maintenance

Industries: Property management, Employee Health and Safety, Services

Languages: C#, C++, C, Python, VBA, Visual Basic, Perl, WinBatch, SQL, XML, HTML, Javascript

Outside Interests: Great music (mostly, but by no means limited to, classical), viewing and photographing sunsets and clouds, traveling by car on small country roads, attending museum exhibits (fine art, history, science, technology), long walks, especially where there is little or no motor traffic, reading, especially nonfiction and thoughtfully written, thought provoking science fiction
CEO Sci-Med Codimg
United States United States
I started programming around 10 years old. C/C++ was the first language I learned and then moved on to Assembly and finally VB/VB.NET which I have stuck with all these years. However, I have kept myself open to new languages and currently learning to work with Rust.

Besides computer programming, I have also learned microchip programming, starting with the Microchip PIC line and now using Raspberry Pi when it is convenient. I also have experience with HTML/ASP.NET/JavaScript/JQuery and built several websites for one of the largest environmental companies in NJ that I use to work for. These included their main website, and e-commerce site for the environmental products they sold, and a website for their training division which managed students and test grades. I wrote several large applications for them as well (e.g. a database front-end, a PDA application for data entry, and a program for analyzing data from an X-ray fluorescence machine and writing a report with recommendations based on the data).

Currently I work for a MSP that serves a good portion of the charter schools in NYC as well as a few small business and NPO's in NY, CT, and MA. Besides providing troubleshooting help, I develop applications which help streamline our work or our clients.
Software Developer (Senior)
United States United States
In 1964, I was in the US Coast Guard when I wrote my first program. It was written in RPG (note no suffixing numbers). Programs and data were entered using punched cards. Turnaround was about 3 hours. So much for the "good old days!"

In 1970, when assigned to Washington DC, I started my MS in Mechanical Engineering. I specialized in Transportation. Untold hours in statistical theory and practice were required, forcing me to use the university computer and learn the FORTRAN language, still using punched cards!

In 1973, I was employed by the Norfolk VA Police Department as a crime analyst for the High Intensity Target program. There, I was still using punched cards!

In 1973, I joined Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). There, for the first time, I was introduced to a terminal with the ability to edit, compile, link, and test my programs on-line. CSC also gave me the opportunity to discuss technical issues with some of the brightest minds I've encountered during my career.

In 1975, I moved to San Diego to head up an IR&D project, BIODAB. I returned to school (UCSD) and took up Software Engineering at the graduate level. After BIODAB, I headed up a team that fixed a stalled project. I then headed up one of the two most satisfying projects of my career, the Automated Flight Operations Center at Ft. Irwin, CA.

I left Anteon Corporation (the successor to CSC on a major contract) and moved to Pensacola, FL. For a small company I built their firewall, given free to the company's customers. An opportunity to build an air traffic controller trainer arose. This was the other most satisfying project of my career.

Today, I consider myself capable.
Software Developer (Senior)
Sweden Sweden
I work as Senior Developer mainly in Microsoft environment and my strenghts are SQL, C#, Vue.js, Angular and ReactJS.
United States United States
Lazy software engineer, don’t believe in hard work.
United States United States
You may know us for our processors. But we do so much more. Intel invents at the boundaries of technology to make amazing experiences possible for business and society, and for every person on Earth.

Harnessing the capability of the cloud, the ubiquity of the Internet of Things, the latest advances in memory and programmable solutions, and the promise of always-on 5G connectivity, Intel is disrupting industries and solving global challenges. Leading on policy, diversity, inclusion, education and sustainability, we create value for our stockholders, customers and society.
This is a Organisation

42 members
Software Developer (Senior) AtSistemas
Spain Spain
Work at AtSistemas in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)
Software Developer (Senior)
United States United States
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
CEO Eclo Solutions
Portugal Portugal
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer (Senior)
Israel Israel
Born in Hungary, got my first computer at age 12 (C64 with tape and joystick). Also got a book with it about 6502 assembly, that on its back has a motto, said 'Try yourself!'. I believe this is my beginning...

Started to learn - formally - in connection to mathematics an physics, by writing basic and assembly programs demoing theorems and experiments.

After moving to Israel learned two years in college and got a software engineering degree, I still have somewhere...

Since 1997 I do development for living. I used 286 assembly, COBOL, C/C++, Magic, Pascal, Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, C# and some more buzzes.

Since 2005 I have to find spare time after kids go bed, which means can't sleep to much, but much happier this way...

Free tools I've created for you...

Italy Italy
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer (Senior) Van Doren Sales
United States United States
I've been a professional developer since the late 90's and got hired on with Doubl-Kold in may of 2000 through February of 2018. I have since moved on to Van Doren Sales for new challenges. I have a few core languages under my belt, but D-lang has gotten my interest lately.

I currently have interest into more embedded systems, as they continue to fascinate me more than any other technologies currently.

The majority of my free time is spent on my wife and kids, and numerous other hobbies.
United States United States
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Ukraine Ukraine
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Russian Federation Russian Federation
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer (Senior) RADDev Publishing
United States United States
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
India India
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer
Taiwan Taiwan
Back-end developer, English learner, drummer, game addict, Jazz fan, author of LINQ to A*
Software Developer My House
Canada Canada
I spent 5 years working for Ottawa startups before returning home to Toronto. During Covid I decided to escape the big city and moved north to Penetanguishene, Ontario.

I'm a .NET/JavaScript/TypeScript developer and technical writer by day, but in the evening you'll often find me cooking up projects in Ruby, Haskell, Clojure, Elixir, and F#.
United States United States
I work on Azure, ASP.NET Core content and Open Source, speak at national and community events while helping teams architect web and cloud applications.
United States United States
Shenwei is a software developer and architect, and has been working on business applications using Microsoft and Oracle technologies since 1996. He obtained Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) in 1998 and Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) in 1999. He has experience in ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic, Windows and Web Services, Silverlight, WPF, JavaScript/AJAX, HTML, SQL Server, and Oracle.
Team Leader
India India
Microsoft MVP | Code Project MVP | CSharp Corner MVP | Author | Blogger and always happy to Share what he knows to others. MyBlog

My Interview on Microsoft TechNet Wiki Ninja Link
Web Developer
Pakistan Pakistan
Software Engineering Student, C# Trainer, Blogger and an Active Learner. I am a very ardent about learning new technologies and implementing technologies in a professional environment. I am a community speaker and has spoken at 50+ technology sessions for last 1 year at UE IT Society in the University of Education.

I knows about:
Front End: HTML 5, jQuery, CSS 3, Ajax, JavaScript, Bootstrap
Back End: C#, Java, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework, Angular2

I enjoys very much learning new technologies, starting new projects and meeting new challenges.
This is a Collaborative Group (No members)

Engineer techCREATIONS
Pakistan Pakistan
Developer, Programmer, Beta Tester; technically, i'm none of these. I'm a mechanical engineer, programming is my passion, my hobby and my amateur non profit profession. I program when ii need and innovate whenever, wherever i want.


C#+Applied Mathematicss-Robotics+C++

C# OMR Reader
Monopoly (Urdu language)
HybridAutomation Framework
SMS Bomber (Windows Mobile 6 Professional)
Hard disk watch tower
Farmville Super Clicker
Games Profile selector
Windows mobile salat reminder
Windows mobile SMS Pole Host
and alot of other small apps
United States United States
A code monkey who loves to drink beer, play guitar and listen to music.

My Tech Blog:
My Youtube Channel:

I currently work as a Solutions Architect and we build "cool things" to help people improve their health.

With over 14 years of professional experience working as a Sr. Software Engineer specializing mainly on Web and Mobile apps using Microsoft technologies. My exploration into programming began at the age of 15;Turbo PASCAL, C, C++, JAVA, VB6, Action Scripts and a variety of other equally obscure acronyms, mainly as a hobby. After several detours, I am here today on the VB.NET to C# channel. I have worked on Web Apps + Client-side technologies + Mobile Apps + Micro-services + REST APIs + Event Communication + Databases + Cloud + Containers , which go together like coffee crumble ice cream.

I have been awarded Microsoft MVP each year since 2009, awarded C# Corner MVP for 2015, 2016,2017 and 2018, CodeProject MVP, MVA, MVE, Microsoft Influencer, Dzone MVB, Microsoft ASP.NET Site Hall of Famer with All-Star level and a regular contributor at various technical community websites such as CSharpCorner, CodeProject, ASP.NET and TechNet.

Books written:
" Book: Understanding Game Application Development with Xamarin.Forms and ASP.NET
" Book (Technical Reviewer): ASP.NET Core and Angular 2
" EBook: Dockerizing ASP.NET Core and Blazor Applications on Mac
" EBook: ASP.NET MVC 5- A Beginner's Guide
" EBook: ASP.NET GridView Control Pocket Guide
United States United States
Wayne Myer is a software engineer with 20 years of development experience, specializing in middle-tier C#, but he also wanders the halls of Python, Java, and T-SQL. When not working on code and documentation, Wayne can be found living on a sailboat, sailing said boat, scuba diving, and long-distance bicycling.
Korea (Republic of) Korea (Republic of)
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer
Australia Australia
I started my IT career in programming on different embedded devices since 1992, such as credit card readers, smart card readers and Palm Pilot.

Since 2000, I have mostly been developing business applications on Windows platforms while also developing some tools for myself and developers around the world, so we developers could focus more on delivering business values rather than repetitive tasks of handling technical details.

Beside technical works, I enjoy reading literatures, playing balls, cooking and gardening.

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