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15 Aug 2013Nicolas Dorier
Create drawings easily with the Drawing/Drawer space paradigm
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5 Sep 2013Mubin M. Shaikh
Create time dimension with 24 hour plus values and time buckets in your data warehouse
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8 Aug 2013Ravi Rachchh
Create and deploy custom timer job definition programatically in SharePoint.
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17 Feb 2015DrABELL
Employment Tax computation and Payroll management app for Windows 8: contest entry
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20 Aug 2013Sacha Barber
Shows how to use PRISM navigation API in VM 1st with child container support
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9 Aug 2013Dennis C. Dietrich
Clarifying how the .NET GC identifies objects to collect once and for all... hopefully...
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11 Nov 2018Christian Vos
SOLID principles: The Liskov Principle, a simple example in C#
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13 Aug 2013Florian Rappl
Creating a highly extensible presentation app with multi-user and device integration for tablets.
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14 Nov 2013Alexander SchuIze, Felix Herbst, Paul Kirsten
Multi-User game for AIO where players build their own spider's web
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19 Aug 2013luivis7
A simple example of how to use jQuery Autocomplete to make an AJAX call to WebAPI in an MVC4 application.
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4 Aug 2013Osman Kalache
An Enhanced Skype Chatter Bot, with a friendly user interface, programable knowledge base, testing interface with Export/Import knowledge base to files
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12 Aug 2013Le Sourcier
This tip helps in using font icons as ImageSource.
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4 Aug 2013Faisal(mfrony)
Understand the use of covariance in .NET 4.0
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12 Aug 2013Bill SerGio, The Infomercial King
SwipeClouds HTML5 Canvas Framework for JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap & Cordova
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14 Aug 2013adriancs
A program/application for learning and writing HTML. Get instant visual effect side by side with your code as you type. Support HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 elements.
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17 Feb 2015DrABELL
5-in-1 educational software package for Tablet PC/Win8: Fraction Calculator, Prime Factoring, Linear, Quadratic and System of Equation solvers (AIC-2013)
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2 Aug 2013Zhuyun Dai
Introduce how to recover IIS when it is broken by bad editing to applicationHost.config
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23 Aug 2013BlackMirrh
Sequence Alignment using Needleman Wunsch algorithm in C#
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9 Aug 2013Artem Tabalin
PhoneJS - HTML5 JavaScript Mobile Development Framework
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21 Nov 2013ThatsAlok
Using Fragments in your mobile application.
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16 Sep 2020John B Oliver
Resolve unreferenced type in .NET app using partial type name from GAC
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21 Nov 2013ThatsAlok
TabHost control in MonoAndroid
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17 Aug 2013Prince Tegaton
Building a Custom User Control for Messagebox
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14 Aug 2013Martin-Hallonqvist
This article describes how I wrote a small Windows service for handling the task of sorting and renaming scanned (and run throgh OCR) documents depending on contents.
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16 Aug 2013Moudud Hassan
Fix to COM component retrieving error:80040154 in web application running in IIS
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13 Aug 2013Tim Corey
The one-stop station for fun at the party
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19 Aug 2013morzel
How to match text which is preceded by some other text? How to reference matched text to find closing tag? Read this post if you want to know the answers to these and few other questions.
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2 Sep 2013Saif Al Falah
A very novel, fun and fast paced game optimized for AIO!
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21 Aug 2013George Mamaladze
C# implementations and usage of Trie data structures.
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17 Feb 2015DrABELL
Innovative Market Data analytical and Equities/Derivatives Quantitative Trading Engineding
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17 Aug 2013adriancs
An Office 2010 Style Color Picker for .NET WinForm.
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4 Aug 2013Paulo Zemek
A possible polemic article on why easiness is not always good.
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6 Aug 2013Mattias Högström
Event tracing for Windows is a super efficient log technology, alas logs are still flat raw logs. EtwDataViewer is a prototype for adding browsability, analysis, and a visual tree representation.
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27 Aug 2013Ahmed Alaa El-Din
A very simple article that describes installing Xampp localhost server on Windows with IIS installed, that may help everybody with the known issue of port 80.
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13 Aug 2013Ahmed-Fayed
Using Artifecial Intelligance in the tic tac toe game to make computer never lose. Moreover two humans can play with each other.
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8 Aug 2013adriancs
Silverlight access to MySQL using Web Services.
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17 Feb 2015DrABELL
Store securely credit cards' structured meta-data, like contact info, PIN, APR on balance transfer/purchase/cash advance, and other terms/conditions
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10 Aug 2013Manas Bhardwaj
How to extract table data from Word document using Aspose Words
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2 Aug 2013Dev Leader
About dependency injected singletons
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17 Aug 2013Antya Dev
In this tip, we will talk about logging and exception handling.
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4 Aug 2013Manas Bhardwaj
Here, I list three reasons why I love ReSharper
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4 Sep 2013Talking Dotnet
This is a guide to start with jQuery Mobile and make your first application using jQuery Mobile. This post mainly focuses on the basics of jQuery mobile and provides a path to start with jQuery Mobile.
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15 Aug 2013Chris Boss
OpenGL based 3D learning software
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13 Aug 2013Abhishek Nandy
An app that contains heavy dosage of perceptual games
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31 Jul 2013roscler
Expanding the power and utility of the D&B API with artificial intelligence and natural language processing
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4 Sep 2013Grasshopper.iics
You would never want to use another photo editor in your AIO again
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13 Aug 2013Nitin Singh India
An introduction to AJAX with multicast delegates.
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26 Aug 2013linush
How to serialize a kendo treeview current view into JSON data
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19 Aug 2013Kosta Cherry
Code to easily compare performance of code variants.
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4 Aug 2013S.Sathik Ali
This tip contains the basic introduction to the JSONP, Same-Origin and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing concepts and quick get started with JSONP in ASP.NET Web API.

Current Participants

Those with articles that match the contest criteria are automatically entered.

Software Developer (Senior)
India India
He used to have biography here Smile | :) , but now he will hire someone (for free offcourse Big Grin | :-D ), Who writes his biography on his behalf Smile | :)

He is Great Fan of Mr. Johan Rosengren (his idol),Lim Bio Liong, Nishant S and DavidCrow and Believes that, he will EXCEL in his life by following there steps!!!

He started with Visual C++ then moved to C# then he become language agnostic, you give him task,tell him the language or platform, he we start immediately, if he knows the language otherwise he quickly learn it and start contributing productively

Last but not the least, For good 8 years he was Visual CPP MSMVP!
Software Developer
India India
I am into software Development for less than a year and i have participated in 2 contests here at Codeproject:-Intel App Innovation Contest 2012 and Windows Azure Developer Challenge and been finalist at App Innovation contest App Submission award winner as well won two spot prizes for Azure Developer Challenge.I am also a finalist at Intel Perceptual Challenge Stage 2 with 6 entries nominated.I also won 2nd prize for Ultrabook article contest from CodeProject

Microsoft MVA Fast Track Challenge Global Winner.
Ocutag App Challenge 2013 Finalist.

My work at Intel AppUp Store:-

Software Developer
Other Other
Programming is an art.
Software Developer eSpace Software Company
Egypt Egypt
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Egypt Egypt
Software Engineer at Bi-Technologies
Chief Technology Officer
Germany Germany
I'm a computer scientist graduated at the Hasso Plattner Institute Potsdam (B.Sc.) and at the University of Cambridge (M.Phil.). My research interests are natural language processing, human computer interaction, and energy efficient mobile application architectures. Currently, I am CTO of an internet startup and consultant for mobile application architectures. In parallel, I'm a freelancer since 2006 and gained deep experiences in a diverse set of technologies, including Java, Python, C#, C++, WPF, MVVM, DirectX, OpenGL, Gesture Recognition, and ML tools.
Technical Lead
Ukraine Ukraine
I work primarily with the .NET technology stack, and specialize in accelerated code production via code generation (static or dynamic), aspect-oriented programming, domain-specific languages.
United States United States
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
CEO GeminiGroup TV, Inc.
United States United States
Bill SerGio is a highly accomplished individual, recognized in prestigious publications such as Marquis Who's Who in America and Who's Who in Advertising. With a background in software development and producing and directing famous celebrity infomercials, he has amassed a considerable fortune through television and licensing his software. Currently, he is deeply invested in developing anti-gravity technology using artificial intelligence, as well as utilizing AI for research into finding new cures for diseases such as cancer. In addition, he is also an investor in new movies, demonstrating a wide-ranging and diversified interest in various fields.
Software Developer (Senior)
United States United States
ASP.NET MVC 3/4, C#, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, javascript, JSP, Java, MS-SQL, Oracle, DBA, Silverlight, C++
Software Developer Computer Workshop
United States United States
Chris Boss is the owner (and programmer) of a small software development business in rural Virginia, called the Computer Workshop. For the last ten years or so he has been developing tools for use by Powerbasic programmers (see: ). His main product called EZGUI (Easy GUI) is a high level GUI engine with Visual Designer and code generator. It is in its fifth generation now. He is an experienced Windows API programmer (more low level) and has experience in writing GUI engines (forms/controls), drag and drop Visual Designers, Graphics engines (printing and to the screen) and one of his favorites is a Sprite engine (2D animated movable images). His current project is version 5.0 of his main product EZGUI, adding such features as multi-monitor support, component engine, custom control engine, superclass engine and the latest project a 3D OpenGL based custom control. One of the goals he has is to push the limits of Windows software development, while making it easy, fast execution speed, small footprint (size of executables) and code reusability while providing a more graphic experience in user interfaces, while still being able to write software which can fit on a floppy disk (small footprint), use minimal amount of memory and able to run on multiple versions of Windows from 95 to Win8.
Founder Rood Mitek
Netherlands Netherlands
Christian Vos .MCSD has been an independent Microsoft developer since 1999 and is specialized in distributed Microsoft .Net platform based Web applications. He is founder of the company Rood Mitek which has developed applications for companies like Philips Electronics, ASML, Lucent Technologies, Amoco, AT&T etc.
Germany Germany
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Team Leader Microsoft
United States United States
I'm a software engineering professional with a decade of hands-on experience creating software and managing engineering teams. I graduated from the University of Waterloo in Honours Computer Engineering in 2012.

I started blogging at in order to share my experiences about leadership (especially in a startup environment) and development experience. Since then, I have been trying to create content on various platforms to be able to share information about programming and engineering leadership.

My Social:
United States United States
Dr. Alexander Bell (aka DrABell), a seasoned full-stack Software (Win/Web/Mobile) and Data Engineer holds PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, authored 37 inventions and published 100+ technical articles and developed multiple award-winning apps (App Innovation Contests AIC 2012/2013 submissions) Alexander is currently focused on Microsoft Azure Cloud and .NET 6/8 development projects.

  1. HTML5/CSS3 graphic enhancement: buttons, inputs
  2. HTML5 Tables Formatting: Alternate Rows, Color Gradients, Shadows
  3. Azure web app: Engineering Calculator VOLTMATTER
  4. Azure: NYC real-time bus tracking app
  5. Quiz Engine powered by Azure cloud
  6. 'enRoute': Real-time NY City Bus Tracking Web App
  7. Advanced CSS3 Styling of HTML5 SELECT Element
  8. Aggregate Product function extends SQL
  9. YouTube™ API for ASP.NET
Bangladesh Bangladesh
I am a Sr.Software Engineer at Brain Station -23. I have 5+ years of work experience in .Net technology. I strongly believe that before software can be reusable it first has to be usable.

My contact info :

Chief Technology Officer
Germany Germany
Florian lives in Munich, Germany. He started his programming career with Perl. After programming C/C++ for some years he discovered his favorite programming language C#. He did work at Siemens as a programmer until he decided to study Physics.

During his studies he worked as an IT consultant for various companies. After graduating with a PhD in theoretical particle Physics he is working as a senior technical consultant in the field of home automation and IoT.

Florian has been giving lectures in C#, HTML5 with CSS3 and JavaScript, software design, and other topics. He is regularly giving talks at user groups, conferences, and companies. He is actively contributing to open-source projects. Florian is the maintainer of AngleSharp, a completely managed browser engine.
Software Developer
Germany Germany
Tweeter: @gmamaladze
Google+: gmamaladze
CEO Integrated Ideas
India India
gasshopper.iics is a group of like minded programmers and learners in codeproject. The basic objective is to keep in touch and be notified while a member contributes an article, to check out with technology and share what we know. We are the "students" of codeproject.

This group is managed by Rupam Das, an active author here. Other Notable members include Ranjan who extends his helping hands to invaluable number of authors in their articles and writes some great articles himself.

Rupam Das is mentor of Grasshopper Network,founder and CEO of Integrated Ideas Consultancy Services, a research consultancy firm in India. He has been part of projects in several technologies including Matlab, C#, Android, OpenCV, Drupal, Omnet++, legacy C, vb, gcc, NS-2, Arduino, Raspberry-PI. Off late he has made peace with the fact that he loves C# more than anything else but is still struck in legacy style of coding.
Rupam loves algorithm and prefers Image processing, Artificial Intelligence and Bio-medical Engineering over other technologies.

He is frustrated with his poor writing and "grammer" skills but happy that coding polishes these frustrations.
This is a Organisation

115 members
Software Developer (Senior)
Australia Australia
Applications developer specialising in .Net, Sql technologies, web development (TypeScript/JavaScript, MVC, WebAPI, REST), data processing.
United States United States
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer ECT Industries
France France
I am software engineer and I work for the aviation.

I'm currently working on many different project and in many different languages
- Visual C++ 6
- C#
- C and assembly

Have lot of fun
United States United States
Linus has more than 10 years of experience in designing and implementing enterprise scale applications. He is a seasoned architect in both J2EE and Microsoft technologies. He is also a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for .NET.
Software Developer
United States United States
Bachelor in Computer Engineering. When I'm not programming at work, I'm working on my personal project(s), and reading articles about new technologies, especially .NET and web development.
Netherlands Netherlands

Read my personal blog at

Software Developer (Senior)
Sweden Sweden
I've been working in the industry since 1998 in many different roles and in many different environments and systems. Most of my work has been done on the Microsoft platform though, and I'm currently working professionally in VB6 (facepalm...) and C# .Net 4.0.

Please see my LinkedIn profile for more information.
Architect Visma Software AB
Sweden Sweden
Mattias works at Visma, a leading Nordic ERP solution provider. He has good knowledge in C++/.Net development, test tool development, and debugging. His great passion is memory dump analysis. He likes giving talks and courses.
Software Developer
Poland Poland
Software Developer (Senior) Brain Station-23
Bangladesh Bangladesh
My name is Moudud Hassan. I am professionally developing software for 7 years. I work mostly with Microsoft Stack of technologies such as C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL Server. Being an agile developer I work with Html/CSS/Javascript and various cool Js framework such as jquery, backbone, knockout and angularjs. I am fascinated by new technologies and always looking forward to adapt. I value your information and feedback especially where I can Improve.
Architect Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd.
India India
Microsoft® Certified Professional (Microsoft Certification ID: 8918672).

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist with more than 16+ years of expertise to architect and implement effective solutions for Data Analytics, Reporting and Data Visualization solutioning need on Azure Cloud or On-Premise

Technology :
Azure (Data Lake, Data Factory, Synapse Analytics, Databricks, SQL),
Microsoft BI (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, SQL-Server), C#.Net, Pentaho,
Data Warehousing, Dimension modelling, Snowflake DW, SQL DW, MySQL
Data Visualization using (Tableau, Power BI, QlikView, Pentaho),
Domain : Sales, Retail, CRM, Public Transport, Media & Entertainment, Insurance
Data Integration and Analytics Experience with MS. Dynamic CRM, Salesforce CRM, Dataverse, SAP- FI, Dynamics AX etc.

Linked In Profile:
Click Here to View Linked In Profile

Change will not come if we keep waiting for some other person !!, or keep waiting for some other time !!, We are the one we are waiting for, We are the change that we are looking for.
Software Developer Freelance
France France
I am currently the CTO of Metaco, we are leveraging the Bitcoin Blockchain for delivering financial services.

I also developed a tool to make IaaS on Azure more easy to use IaaS Management Studio.

If you want to contact me, go this way Smile | :)
Technical Lead 3PillarGlobal
India India
I am a solutions lead working on .NET for about 10 years, focusing on core framework implementations in project. My development interests are in middle tier and backend components and sometimes, identifying design elements for technical solutions. Apart, I collect coins and stamps and do photography whenever I get a chance.
Software Developer Smart Solutions Médéa
Algeria Algeria
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer (Senior) Microsoft
United States United States
I started to program computers when I was 11 years old, as a hobbyist, programming in AMOS Basic and Blitz Basic for Amiga.
At 12 I had my first try with assembler, but it was too difficult at the time. Then, in the same year, I learned C and, after learning C, I was finally able to learn assembler (for Motorola 680x0).
Not sure, but probably between 12 and 13, I started to learn C++. I always programmed "in an object oriented way", but using function pointers instead of virtual methods.

At 15 I started to learn Pascal at school and to use Delphi. At 16 I started my first internship (using Delphi). At 18 I started to work professionally using C++ and since then I've developed my programming skills as a professional developer in C++ and C#, generally creating libraries that help other developers do their work easier, faster and with less errors.

Want more info or simply want to contact me?
Take a look at:
Or e-mail me at:

Codeproject MVP 2012, 2015 & 2016
Microsoft MVP 2013-2014 (in October 2014 I started working at Microsoft, so I can't be a Microsoft MVP anymore).
Software Developer Hallmarkit Business Solutions
Nigeria Nigeria
Deeply in love with the .Net Framework.
My tools includes VB, ASP.Net, SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript, Graphics design amongst others not mentioned..
I have been involved in various software project development and web application being the Lead in Most. I command Good Interface Design

Some of my projects are;
0. Polytechnic Result Processing System (My National Diploma Project)
1. Ultra Sec (Security Cam Monitor for pc)
2. Super Clipboard
3. Encryptor / Decryptor
4. Text 2 Speech
5. Sibase ToolTrak (Rig Tools tracking web app using ASP.Net/SQL)
6. SIWES Manager (Win VB.Net/SQL)
7. Naccoss Audit

Just to mention a few.

Am Tegaton - Proudly Nigerian
Software Developer Cybage Software pvt ltd
India India
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer Android Technologies, Inc.
United States United States
Robert Oschler is a veteran artificial intelligence, robotics, natural language processing, and speech recognition programmer. His latest love is C#/.NET programming, especially on the Windows Phone platform. When not writing code you can find him playing guitar or watching the latest videos on MSDN's Channel 9. He is also a member of the incredible Nokia DVLUP program and owes much of his affection for Windows Phone programming to the wonderfully talented and enthusiastic Nokia Ambassadors.
Technical Lead
India India
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer (Senior)
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I currently hold the following qualifications (amongst others, I also studied Music Technology and Electronics, for my sins)

- MSc (Passed with distinctions), in Information Technology for E-Commerce
- BSc Hons (1st class) in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

Both of these at Sussex University UK.


I am lucky enough to have won a few awards for Zany Crazy code articles over the years

  • Microsoft C# MVP 2016
  • Codeproject MVP 2016
  • Microsoft C# MVP 2015
  • Codeproject MVP 2015
  • Microsoft C# MVP 2014
  • Codeproject MVP 2014
  • Microsoft C# MVP 2013
  • Codeproject MVP 2013
  • Microsoft C# MVP 2012
  • Codeproject MVP 2012
  • Microsoft C# MVP 2011
  • Codeproject MVP 2011
  • Microsoft C# MVP 2010
  • Codeproject MVP 2010
  • Microsoft C# MVP 2009
  • Codeproject MVP 2009
  • Microsoft C# MVP 2008
  • Codeproject MVP 2008
  • And numerous codeproject awards which you can see over at my blog
Software Developer Codlash Technologies Private Limited
India India
I'm passionate about technology and I really believe that technology has the power to make positive impact on everyone's life which is what I strive towards, everyday. I have been working on development of applications on Windows Phone 7/8, Windows 8 and Silverlight for past three years. I've also co-founded a startup named Codlash Technologies Private Limited based in India ( We work on the development of apps and games on Windows Phone and on Windows 8.

My LinkedIn profile:

My Windows 8 apps can be seen at:

My Windows Phone apps can be found at:
Technical Lead
India India
I am an experienced Software Developer with 11+ years of hands-on experience working with Microsoft.NET technology (ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, C#, SQL Server, Angular).

Visit Talking Dotnet
For ASP.NET Core, read ASP.NET Core Articles
Software Developer (Senior) DeGarmo
United States United States
I am currently a Senior Software Developer at a company in Illinois called DeGarmo. My primary skills are in .NET, SQL, JavaScript, and other web technologies although I have worked with PowerShell, C, and Java as well.

In my previous positions, I have worked as a lead developer, professor and IT Director. As such, I have been able to develop software on a number of different types of systems and I have learned how to correctly oversee the overall direction of technology for an organization. I've developed applications for everything from machine automation to complete ERP systems.

I enjoy taking hard subjects and making them easy to understand for people unfamiliar with the topic.
China China
Over 10-years experience in using Microsoft technologies.
At present, working as the architect of a clustered real-time data delivery and visualization system, responsible for the design of component architecture, product packaging and deployment, also targeting private cloud solutions for future.
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