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The Weird and The Wonderful forum is a place to post Coding Horrors, Worst Practices, and the occasional flash of brilliance.

We all come across code that simply boggles the mind. Lazy kludges, embarrassing mistakes, horrid workarounds and developers just not quite getting it. And then somedays we come across - or write - the truly sublime.

Post your Best, your worst, and your most interesting. But please - no programming questions . This forum is purely for amusement and discussions on code snippets. All actual programming questions will be removed.

GeneralRe: Tell me what's wrong with the following Pin
englebart1-Sep-22 14:18
professionalenglebart1-Sep-22 14:18 
RantTaking responsibility Pin
Andreas Mertens27-Apr-22 8:32
professionalAndreas Mertens27-Apr-22 8:32 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
PIEBALDconsult27-Apr-22 11:45
professionalPIEBALDconsult27-Apr-22 11:45 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
Andreas Mertens27-Apr-22 12:08
professionalAndreas Mertens27-Apr-22 12:08 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
PIEBALDconsult27-Apr-22 13:11
professionalPIEBALDconsult27-Apr-22 13:11 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
charlieg26-Jul-22 10:37
Membercharlieg26-Jul-22 10:37 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
honey the codewitch30-Apr-22 2:15
mvahoney the codewitch30-Apr-22 2:15 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
Andreas Mertens30-Apr-22 3:46
professionalAndreas Mertens30-Apr-22 3:46 
I agree, and I dont think there is much difference with gov't agencies here in Canada either.

In a similar vein, I find It shops that are unionized, even in the private sector, have a very similar mentality. I view myself as a professional, and work hard to keep my skills up to date and make an effort to keep up with technology changes. But I find a lot of unionized IT workers take it for granted that the company or agency they are working for will provide the time and money to train them.

I used to MS myself as you did I believe, and I remember working 14 hour days to meet goals and such. Destroyed my marriage in the end. Now I work as a contractor, and I find it much more rewarding. And I get paid for all my efforts. I would have to be given a pretty lucrative offer to go back to being an employee again.

GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
Richard Deeming27-Apr-22 21:20
mveRichard Deeming27-Apr-22 21:20 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
Andreas Mertens28-Apr-22 4:05
professionalAndreas Mertens28-Apr-22 4:05 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
charlieg26-Jul-22 10:39
Membercharlieg26-Jul-22 10:39 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
Andreas Mertens26-Jul-22 12:57
professionalAndreas Mertens26-Jul-22 12:57 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
charlieg27-Jul-22 10:32
Membercharlieg27-Jul-22 10:32 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
Bernhard Hiller28-Apr-22 20:39
MemberBernhard Hiller28-Apr-22 20:39 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
abmv3-May-22 7:15
professionalabmv3-May-22 7:15 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
kmoorevs3-May-22 11:26
Memberkmoorevs3-May-22 11:26 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
Andreas Mertens3-May-22 13:53
professionalAndreas Mertens3-May-22 13:53 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
englebart1-Sep-22 14:54
professionalenglebart1-Sep-22 14:54 
GeneralRe: Taking responsibility Pin
jschell8-May-22 9:08
Memberjschell8-May-22 9:08 
GeneralPathYetAnotherMakeUniqueName Pin
Brisingr Aerowing4-Apr-22 7:56
professionalBrisingr Aerowing4-Apr-22 7:56 
GeneralRe: PathYetAnotherMakeUniqueName Pin
raddevus4-Apr-22 10:14
mvaraddevus4-Apr-22 10:14 
GeneralRe: PathYetAnotherMakeUniqueName Pin
Mircea Neacsu4-Apr-22 13:20
mvaMircea Neacsu4-Apr-22 13:20 
GeneralRe: PathYetAnotherMakeUniqueName Pin
Cpichols6-Apr-22 1:21
MemberCpichols6-Apr-22 1:21 
GeneralRe: PathYetAnotherMakeUniqueName Pin
deepok14-Apr-22 19:35
Memberdeepok14-Apr-22 19:35 
GeneralRe: PathYetAnotherMakeUniqueName Pin
ShawnVN6-Apr-22 7:16
MemberShawnVN6-Apr-22 7:16 

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