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GeneralRe: What is the most common MVVM framework used today? Pin
Pete O'Hanlon25-Jul-22 22:30
subeditorPete O'Hanlon25-Jul-22 22:30 
QuestionIs it possible to do event handling in the ViewModel? Pin
Code4Ever16-Jul-22 7:39
Code4Ever16-Jul-22 7:39 
AnswerRe: Is it possible to do event handling in the ViewModel? Pin
Gerry Schmitz17-Jul-22 7:06
mveGerry Schmitz17-Jul-22 7:06 
QuestionDICOM TAGS Pin
harol espinosa26-Jun-22 6:20
harol espinosa26-Jun-22 6:20 
AnswerRe: DICOM TAGS Pin
Dave Kreskowiak26-Jun-22 7:13
mveDave Kreskowiak26-Jun-22 7:13 
QuestionDevelopment Pin
User 156237373-Jun-22 11:46
User 156237373-Jun-22 11:46 
AnswerRe: Development Pin
Gerry Schmitz4-Jun-22 11:35
mveGerry Schmitz4-Jun-22 11:35 
GeneralRe: Development Pin
User 156237376-Jun-22 5:22
User 156237376-Jun-22 5:22 
QuestionTreeView in ControlTemplate - Handling Item Expanded Pin
Kevin Marois27-Apr-22 10:46
professionalKevin Marois27-Apr-22 10:46 
QuestionWPF DataGridCell Binding Problem Pin
Kevin Marois7-Apr-22 15:39
professionalKevin Marois7-Apr-22 15:39 
AnswerRe: WPF DataGridCell Binding Prolem Pin
Richard Deeming7-Apr-22 22:36
mveRichard Deeming7-Apr-22 22:36 
GeneralRe: WPF DataGridCell Binding Prolem Pin
Kevin Marois8-Apr-22 6:38
professionalKevin Marois8-Apr-22 6:38 
GeneralRe: WPF DataGridCell Binding Prolem Pin
Kevin Marois13-Apr-22 8:59
professionalKevin Marois13-Apr-22 8:59 
GeneralRe: WPF DataGridCell Binding Prolem Pin
Richard Deeming18-Apr-22 22:45
mveRichard Deeming18-Apr-22 22:45 
QuestionCode Behind Data Grid Style Issue Pin
Kevin Marois6-Apr-22 16:01
professionalKevin Marois6-Apr-22 16:01 
SuggestionRe: Code Behind Data Grid Style Issue Pin
Richard Deeming6-Apr-22 23:37
mveRichard Deeming6-Apr-22 23:37 
GeneralRe: Code Behind Data Grid Style Issue Pin
Kevin Marois7-Apr-22 6:25
professionalKevin Marois7-Apr-22 6:25 
AnswerRe: Code Behind Data Grid Style Issue Pin
Gerry Schmitz7-Apr-22 7:42
mveGerry Schmitz7-Apr-22 7:42 
GeneralRe: Code Behind Data Grid Style Issue Pin
Kevin Marois7-Apr-22 15:34
professionalKevin Marois7-Apr-22 15:34 
Questiontrack active split view Pin
Super Lloyd5-Apr-22 14:47
Super Lloyd5-Apr-22 14:47 
QuestionViewModel Locator Pin
Kevin Marois5-Apr-22 8:48
professionalKevin Marois5-Apr-22 8:48 
As part of my own framework I am developing Service and View Model Locators. Both are done, but I have one problem.

Here's what I have so far:
public interface IViewModelLocator
    object Get<T>();

    void Register(Type viewType, object viewModel);
View Model Locator Class
public class ViewModelLocator : IViewModelLocator
    // Internal list of View Models
    private IDictionary<Type, object> _storage;

    public ViewModelLocator()
        _storage = new Dictionary<Type, object>();

    public object Get<T>()
        if (_storage.ContainsKey(typeof(T)))
            return _storage.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Key == typeof(T)).Value;
            throw new Exception($"The requested view '{typeof(T)}' is not registered");

    public void Register(Type viewType, object viewModel)
        if (!_storage.ContainsKey(viewType))
            _storage.Add(viewType, viewModel);
            throw new Exception($"An instance of the view model '{viewModel}' is already registered for the view '{viewType}'");
App Setup
public partial class App : Application
    public static IServiceLocator ServiceLocator { get; private set; }
    public static IViewModelLocator ViewModelLocator { get; private set; }

    public App()
        ServiceLocator = new ServiceLocator();
        ServiceLocator.Register(typeof(IMyService), new MyService());

        ViewModelLocator = new ViewModelLocator();
        ViewModelLocator.Register(typeof(MainWindowView), new MainWindowViewModel(ServiceLocator.Get<IMyService>()));
        ViewModelLocator.Register(typeof(LoginView), new LoginViewModel());
Window Code Behind
public partial class MainWindowView : Window
    public MainWindowView()

        this.DataContext = App.ViewModelLocator.Get<MainWindowView>();
Everything to this point works fine, except that I don't want to have to call the VM locator in code in the code behind. I would like to use it in XAML. I have seen other approaches where they do this:
   DataContext="{Binding Source={StaticResource MyViewModelLocator}, Path=Main}">
There are 2 problems here.
  1. It required a resources entry in App.XAML:
    <core:ViewModelLocator x:Key="MyViewModelLocator" />
  2. It requires a property on the VM Locator called "Main". Since these classes are going to be in my framework, there won't be a property for each ViewModel that other apps use on the VM Locator.
What I'd Like
It would be nice if I could do something like:
DataContext="{Binding Path="{x:static TestApp:App.ViewModelLocator.Get<???????>()}"
where the question marks represent the type of the window it's in.

Is there any way to this in XAML?
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modified 5-Apr-22 14:06pm.

AnswerRe: ViewModel Locator Pin
Super Lloyd5-Apr-22 14:56
Super Lloyd5-Apr-22 14:56 
SuggestionRe: ViewModel Locator Pin
Richard Deeming5-Apr-22 22:27
mveRichard Deeming5-Apr-22 22:27 
AnswerRe: ViewModel Locator Pin
Richard Deeming5-Apr-22 22:42
mveRichard Deeming5-Apr-22 22:42 
GeneralRe: ViewModel Locator Pin
Kevin Marois6-Apr-22 7:11
professionalKevin Marois6-Apr-22 7:11 

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