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GeneralRe: Wordle 379 Pin
pkfox2-Jul-22 21:25
professionalpkfox2-Jul-22 21:25 
GeneralRe: Wordle 379 Pin
Peter_in_27803-Jul-22 0:52
professionalPeter_in_27803-Jul-22 0:52 
GeneralRe: Wordle 379 Pin
Greg Utas3-Jul-22 1:54
mveGreg Utas3-Jul-22 1:54 
GeneralRe: Wordle 379 Pin
0x01AA3-Jul-22 2:14
professional0x01AA3-Jul-22 2:14 
GeneralRe: Wordle 379 Pin
Cp-Coder3-Jul-22 3:07
MemberCp-Coder3-Jul-22 3:07 
QuestionRe: Wordle 379 Pin
Eddy Vluggen3-Jul-22 10:44
professionalEddy Vluggen3-Jul-22 10:44 
AnswerRe: Wordle 379 Pin
Greg Utas3-Jul-22 12:00
mveGreg Utas3-Jul-22 12:00 
GeneralGosh I'm feeling clever today Pin
honey the codewitch1-Jul-22 16:06
mvahoney the codewitch1-Jul-22 16:06 
Don't want to take to much real estate here in the lounge so I'm editing my post to add this:

Gangs in the Garden - YouTube[^]

Don't know how you feel about Black Moth Super Rainbow. Probably depends in part on your age and it helps to be a bit out there in the first place if you're going to enjoy it. It's perfect hacking music, IMO. I like coding to it because they use vocals as background music rather than trying to distract me from my code with articulated lyrics.

___ SNIP ___

After coming off of a run of a bad few days in terms of development I did a thing.

I have a device that can connect via USB but only as a virtual COM port. It can't be a HID device or anything. All communication is serial, RS232 style (even though it's USB)

I have an application that works with it, and the bluetooth stack I was using prior exploded and regressions ate my BLE code. So I wanted to make it work over serial.

I did this in C# in the app, with C++ on the MCU end.

I have created a serial negotiation system that

A) Allows the application to automatically detect a device, and which COM port it's on with no user intervention. Only valid devices will be detected.

B) Allows the serial port to *also* be used at the same time for logging output messages. A filter can be applied that would only produce log messages.

So now the silly thing is plug and play *and* it still allows me to write debug spew to the serial port without interfering with the application's serial comms.

I do it by seeding my commands with characters outside of the ASCII 7-bit range to signal a command stream. This means you get periodic "garbage" in your logs, but like i said it can be filtered out.

Anyway, after the past few days of banging my head against the wall and making rookie mistakes I pulled a rabbit out of my hat. Woo! Smile | :)
To err is human. Fortune favors the monsters.

modified 2-Jul-22 5:41am.

GeneralRe: Gosh I'm feeling clever today Pin
FreedMalloc1-Jul-22 17:17
MemberFreedMalloc1-Jul-22 17:17 
GeneralRe: Gosh I'm feeling clever today Pin
David O'Neil1-Jul-22 17:54
professionalDavid O'Neil1-Jul-22 17:54 
GeneralRe: Gosh I'm feeling clever today Pin
RickZeeland2-Jul-22 3:21
mveRickZeeland2-Jul-22 3:21 
GeneralRe: Gosh I'm feeling clever today Pin
honey the codewitch2-Jul-22 4:52
mvahoney the codewitch2-Jul-22 4:52 
GeneralRe: Gosh I'm feeling clever today Pin
CPallini2-Jul-22 6:50
mveCPallini2-Jul-22 6:50 
PraiseRe: Gosh I'm feeling clever today Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter3-Jul-22 3:48
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter3-Jul-22 3:48 
GeneralWordle 378 Pin
Amarnath S1-Jul-22 14:24
professionalAmarnath S1-Jul-22 14:24 
GeneralRe: Wordle 378 Pin
0x01AA1-Jul-22 14:38
professional0x01AA1-Jul-22 14:38 
GeneralRe: Wordle 378 Pin
Peter_in_27801-Jul-22 15:26
professionalPeter_in_27801-Jul-22 15:26 
GeneralRe: Wordle 378 Pin
OriginalGriff1-Jul-22 18:58
mveOriginalGriff1-Jul-22 18:58 
GeneralRe: Wordle 378 Pin
Peter_in_27801-Jul-22 19:56
professionalPeter_in_27801-Jul-22 19:56 
GeneralRe: Wordle 378 Pin
OriginalGriff1-Jul-22 20:19
mveOriginalGriff1-Jul-22 20:19 
GeneralRe: Wordle 378 Pin
ChandraRam1-Jul-22 20:40
MemberChandraRam1-Jul-22 20:40 
GeneralRe: Wordle 378 Pin
pkfox1-Jul-22 21:57
professionalpkfox1-Jul-22 21:57 
GeneralRe: Wordle 378 Pin
Greg Utas2-Jul-22 0:42
mveGreg Utas2-Jul-22 0:42 
GeneralRe: Wordle 378 Pin
Cp-Coder2-Jul-22 4:21
MemberCp-Coder2-Jul-22 4:21 
GeneralRe: Wordle 378 Pin
Vivi Chellappa2-Jul-22 7:47
professionalVivi Chellappa2-Jul-22 7:47 

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