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GeneralRe: Incredible if True Pin
meagreProgrammer10-Aug-22 19:40
MembermeagreProgrammer10-Aug-22 19:40 
GeneralRe: Incredible if True Pin
Randor 10-Aug-22 21:09
professional Randor 10-Aug-22 21:09 
GeneralRe: Incredible if True (or maybe not) Pin
meagreProgrammer11-Aug-22 4:35
MembermeagreProgrammer11-Aug-22 4:35 
GeneralRe: Incredible if True Pin
englebart11-Aug-22 8:01
professionalenglebart11-Aug-22 8:01 
GeneralRe: Incredible if True Pin
meagreProgrammer11-Aug-22 16:13
MembermeagreProgrammer11-Aug-22 16:13 
General"Loop MIDI!" they said. "It will be easy" they said. Pin
honey the codewitch10-Aug-22 13:38
mvahoney the codewitch10-Aug-22 13:38 
GeneralRe: "Loop MIDI!" they said. "It will be easy" they said. Pin
jmaida10-Aug-22 17:23
Memberjmaida10-Aug-22 17:23 
GeneralSo my mom's in the hospital... Pin
Brisingr Aerowing10-Aug-22 13:36
professionalBrisingr Aerowing10-Aug-22 13:36 
She's been having issues with low blood pressure causing fainting, and last night she started having chest pain. Took her to the hospital around 2:30 PM, and went home an hour or so later to let the dog out. I got a call from her a bit ago, and she's been admitted for monitoring overnight due to damage on her heart and elevated cardiac enzymes (at 58, normal is < 10). The doctor is going to do a cardiac catheterization in the morning, and go from there.
What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?

The metaphorical solid rear-end expulsions have impacted the metaphorical motorized bladed rotating air movement mechanism.

Do questions with multiple question marks annoy you???

GeneralRe: So my mom's in the hospital... Pin
Peter_in_278010-Aug-22 14:32
professionalPeter_in_278010-Aug-22 14:32 
GeneralRe: So my mom's in the hospital... Pin
Daniel Pfeffer10-Aug-22 17:09
professionalDaniel Pfeffer10-Aug-22 17:09 
GeneralRe: So my mom's in the hospital... Pin
OriginalGriff10-Aug-22 20:14
mveOriginalGriff10-Aug-22 20:14 
GeneralRe: So my mom's in the hospital... Pin
glennPattonWork310-Aug-22 20:48
professionalglennPattonWork310-Aug-22 20:48 
GeneralRe: So my mom's in the hospital... Pin
grralph111-Aug-22 0:06
Membergrralph111-Aug-22 0:06 
General"Renewed" disks Pin
  Forogar  10-Aug-22 9:56
professional  Forogar  10-Aug-22 9:56 
GeneralRe: "Renewed" disks Pin
Gerry Schmitz10-Aug-22 10:09
mveGerry Schmitz10-Aug-22 10:09 
GeneralRe: "Renewed" disks Pin
Wizard of Sleeves11-Aug-22 20:34
MemberWizard of Sleeves11-Aug-22 20:34 
GeneralRe: "Renewed" disks Pin
OriginalGriff10-Aug-22 10:12
mveOriginalGriff10-Aug-22 10:12 
JokeRe: "Renewed" disks Pin
Richard Deeming10-Aug-22 22:02
mveRichard Deeming10-Aug-22 22:02 
GeneralRe: "Renewed" disks Pin
Daniel Pfeffer10-Aug-22 11:55
professionalDaniel Pfeffer10-Aug-22 11:55 
GeneralRe: "Renewed" disks Pin
dandy7210-Aug-22 12:11
Memberdandy7210-Aug-22 12:11 
GeneralRe: "Renewed" disks Pin
BryanFazekas11-Aug-22 1:30
MemberBryanFazekas11-Aug-22 1:30 
GeneralRe: "Renewed" disks Pin
Gerry Schmitz11-Aug-22 5:45
mveGerry Schmitz11-Aug-22 5:45 
GeneralRe: "Renewed" disks Pin
Daniel Pfeffer11-Aug-22 21:27
professionalDaniel Pfeffer11-Aug-22 21:27 
GeneralRe: "Renewed" disks Pin
dandy7212-Aug-22 2:50
Memberdandy7212-Aug-22 2:50 
GeneralRe: "Renewed" disks Pin
obermd12-Aug-22 3:39
Memberobermd12-Aug-22 3:39 

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