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Chris Losinger was the president of Smaller Animals Software, Inc. (which no longer exists).



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Smaller Animals Software, Inc. is a Windows software company. We specialize in 2D graphics applications and toolkits. We also do custom/contract work. Our current big sellers include ThumbNailer, a batch image resizer/convertor/HTML generator and ImgSource, a C library for dealing with 2D images and many popular 2D image file formats.
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GeneralI rule Pin
Chris Losinger15-Sep-02 9:31
professionalChris Losinger15-Sep-02 9:31 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
Jason Henderson15-Sep-02 11:44
MemberJason Henderson15-Sep-02 11:44 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
ColinDavies15-Sep-02 19:39
MemberColinDavies15-Sep-02 19:39 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
Sandip bhattacharya21-Apr-09 4:54
MemberSandip bhattacharya21-Apr-09 4:54 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
Brian Delahunty16-Sep-02 8:07
MemberBrian Delahunty16-Sep-02 8:07 
So this is the good use you said you'd put it to... Roll eyes | :rolleyes: Wink | ;)

Brian Dela Smile | :)
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
Chris Losinger16-Sep-02 8:30
professionalChris Losinger16-Sep-02 8:30 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
Brian Delahunty16-Sep-02 8:36
MemberBrian Delahunty16-Sep-02 8:36 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
benjymous17-Sep-02 0:36
Memberbenjymous17-Sep-02 0:36 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
Megan Forbes19-Sep-02 21:09
MemberMegan Forbes19-Sep-02 21:09 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
Brian Delahunty21-Sep-02 3:52
MemberBrian Delahunty21-Sep-02 3:52 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
benjymous21-Sep-02 3:55
Memberbenjymous21-Sep-02 3:55 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
Brian Delahunty21-Sep-02 4:00
MemberBrian Delahunty21-Sep-02 4:00 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
SimonS19-Sep-02 11:33
MemberSimonS19-Sep-02 11:33 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
Paul Watson17-Dec-02 2:22
sitebuilderPaul Watson17-Dec-02 2:22 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
SimonS17-Dec-02 3:04
MemberSimonS17-Dec-02 3:04 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
Chris Losinger17-Dec-02 4:10
professionalChris Losinger17-Dec-02 4:10 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
Navin30-Sep-02 11:10
MemberNavin30-Sep-02 11:10 
General11 th rule Pin
Gaurav Saini7-Nov-02 22:18
MemberGaurav Saini7-Nov-02 22:18 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
smartptr6-Dec-02 9:38
Membersmartptr6-Dec-02 9:38 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
SimonS17-Dec-02 3:07
MemberSimonS17-Dec-02 3:07 
GeneralHappy Birthday! Pin
KaЯl30-Sep-04 10:02
MemberKaЯl30-Sep-04 10:02 
GeneralRe: Happy Birthday! Pin
Chris Losinger30-Sep-04 10:09
professionalChris Losinger30-Sep-04 10:09 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
Hamid_RT27-May-06 6:20
MemberHamid_RT27-May-06 6:20 
GeneralRe: I rule Pin
amclint6-Nov-06 8:48
Memberamclint6-Nov-06 8:48 

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