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GeneralBrowser specific properties Pin
Fedor Hajdu1-Feb-08 3:43
professionalFedor Hajdu1-Feb-08 3:43 
GeneralThe art of software testing Pin
Fedor Hajdu10-Dec-06 21:10
professionalFedor Hajdu10-Dec-06 21:10 
A common function of debugging tools is the ability to set breakpoints that cause the program to be suspended when a particular statement is executed or when a particular variable is altered, and then the programmer can examine the current state of the program. Again, this method is largely hit or miss and often results in an excessive amount of irrelevant data.
The general problem with these brute force methods is that they ignore the process of thinking. You can draw an analogy between program debugging and solving a homicide. In virtually all murder mystery novels, the mystery is solved by careful analysis of the clues and by piecing together seemingly insignificant details. This is not a brute force method; roadblocks or property searches would be.

It should be obvious that careful thought will find most errors without the debugger even going near the computer.

I'm wondering; does anyone debug this way? I've always rely on VS debugger. Honestly, I thing I could never find a bug, with just thinking! Far more faster solution is debugging by brute force...

Thats my opinion, if anybody think differently...

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