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Ian is a life-long computer programmer who, immediately after earning his B.S. in C.S., was snatched up by a certain Wall Street firm that would explode spectacularly a mere five years later. After fourteen years working for hedge funds, he finally escaped to a certain global tech company that shall remain nameless...

On an unrelated note, he's also a published Sci-Fi/Fantasy author.


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GeneralBack Room Quotables (Part 3) [modified] PinPopular
Ian Shlasko8-Nov-10 4:02
MemberIan Shlasko8-Nov-10 4:02 
GeneralBack Room Quotables (Part 2) [modified] PinPopular
Ian Shlasko2-Jun-10 10:19
MemberIan Shlasko2-Jun-10 10:19 
That post was getting too long, so I'm dividing it up into smaller ones...

"Go watch a Ninnie'nen'ninya music video of the girl faded into the misty blue background where she says "I'm so so sorry" over and over real soft, and then starts crying at the end of the video, and then she fades deep into the background."

-- CaptainSeeSharp, 2010-03-22 [^]
(Now we know how CSS spends his evenings... I wonder what you have to smoke to get that kind of hallucination)

"[The IRS] can come and brutally slaughter me with their black ski-mask thugs with sawed off shotguns."

-- CaptainSeeSharp, 2010-03-23 [^]
(Tickets, please! Gotta have a ticket to watch the slaughter!)

"White men don't need to tell himself anything, because he is blessed as God's chosen design. That is why we are the most successful, and that is why you are your jealous people hate us and want to take us down.

-- CaptainSeeSharp, 2010-05-04 [^]
(At last, the shroud of the Dark Side has fallen! He's not a teabagger... He's in the Klan!)

"We will force them to, and their slaves will rebel and they will collapse. If they don't like it, then they can die."

-- CaptainSeeSharp, 2010-06-02 [^]
(That's the spirit! Liberty and personal freedom through bloody conquest!)

"I have taught you some things, but you have several thousand years of evolutionary processes to go through before you will reach the point where I'm at."

-- CaptainSeeSharp, 2010-07-21 [^]
(Yes, my young Padawan! Someday, you too will be able to flip burgers and deliver pizza! Or maybe, he's referring to Idiocracy[^])

"a forum without a zombie emoticon is incomplete anyway"

-- harold aptroot, 2010-09-16 [^]

"I don't even have to shave, comb my hair, or take a shower, or act very sociable. In fact when I look rugged, and haven't taken a shower in a couple days and not wearing deodorant, and act serious girls seem to like me more (though some really don't)."

-- CaptainSeeSharp, 2010-10-03 [^]
(I smell a sequel to 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People'... Speaking of smells, I'm glad I don't live in the same state as this guy)

Proud to have finally moved to the A-Ark. Which one are you in?
Author of the Guardians Saga (Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels)

modified on Monday, October 4, 2010 12:33 PM

GeneralBack Room Quotables [modified] Pin
Ian Shlasko30-Nov-09 10:06
MemberIan Shlasko30-Nov-09 10:06 
GeneralRe: Back Room Quotables Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian20-Oct-10 5:25
professionalRajesh R Subramanian20-Oct-10 5:25 

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