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Has currently a solid 15 years of experience developing software. Studied Computer Science at Temple University. His experience started at the high school level creating apps in c++ and JAVA for use in teachings and was also a senior developer in the creation and launching of the schools official website.

Angels strongest skill set lies with C, C++, C# and the .Net Framework, JAVA and PHP. He has always believed its best to be proficient in more than one programming language. He looks at the strengths and weaknesses of each language and uses that knowledge to chose an angle of approach when starting on a project.

In the last 2 years with the help of his team mates he entered the mobile app development world. Creating apps such as for example QuickTape and QuickLevel, two apps which are basicaly a virtual measuring tape and a virtual construction level, he quickly learned how to use sensors in smartphone app development.

He currently works for a large company developing and maintaining SQL databases, and providing IT support to all staff. On his off time he likes to devote time developing software enhancement apps, exploring artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms for use in task automation apps, and small games using the DirectX Direct2D SDK with his team.



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