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Did my masters from IIT-M in Advanced Manufacturing Technology and working mainly on C++ in CAD domain from 2004 onwards.
Working on web technologies using Angular 7.0 and above, HTML5, CSS3 from 2015.


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NewsGuess the Question Of The Day [ GQOTD ] results Pin
Lakamraju Raghuram19-Apr-12 23:58
Lakamraju Raghuram19-Apr-12 23:58 

GQOTD Weekly results
Date Winner Question/Anwser
11/05/2012 AprNgp Marie Curie
10/05/2012 Ankur Michael Jackson
09/05/2012 AprNgp Virus
08/05/2012 Prerak MorseCode[SOS]
07/05/2012 nagendracoder Youtube
04/05/2012 AprNgp Unobtanium
03/05/2012 Prerak Hitler
02/05/2012 AprNgp Julian Assange
30/04/2012 Prerak Vatican City
27/04/2012 Prerak Tom&Jerry
26/04/2012 Ankur WBC
25/04/2012 Abhinav Mowgli
24/04/2012 Nithin Chris Maunder
23/04/2012 Prerak Steve Jobs
17/04/2012 Prerak Earth
18/04/2012 Prerak A/a
19/04/2012 Prerak Palindrome
20/04/2012 Varsha Wikipedia

GeneralRe: Guess the Question Of The Day [ GQOTD ] results Pin
Prerak Patel26-Jul-12 19:30
professionalPrerak Patel26-Jul-12 19:30 

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