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This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.


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GeneralMCAD Pin
Mazdak17-Mar-04 11:02
MemberMazdak17-Mar-04 11:02 
GeneralRe: MCAD Pin
Sarvesvara (BVKS) Dasa23-Mar-04 1:02
MemberSarvesvara (BVKS) Dasa23-Mar-04 1:02 
GeneralRe: MCAD Pin
Prakash Nadar12-Apr-04 7:40
MemberPrakash Nadar12-Apr-04 7:40 
GeneralRe: I'm tired.... Pin
Mazdak3-Mar-04 7:11
MemberMazdak3-Mar-04 7:11 
GeneralRe: I'm tired.... Pin
Sarvesvara (BVKS) Dasa23-Mar-04 1:03
MemberSarvesvara (BVKS) Dasa23-Mar-04 1:03 
GeneralRe: I'm tired.... Pin
Mazdak23-Mar-04 1:16
MemberMazdak23-Mar-04 1:16 
GeneralRe: I'm tired.... Pin
Prakash Nadar12-Apr-04 7:37
MemberPrakash Nadar12-Apr-04 7:37 
GeneralCP smiley Pin
Mazdak22-Feb-04 4:49
MemberMazdak22-Feb-04 4:49 
GeneralRe: CP smiley Pin
Rickard Andersson202-Mar-04 4:16
MemberRickard Andersson202-Mar-04 4:16 
GeneralRe: CP smiley Pin
Mazdak2-Mar-04 4:24
MemberMazdak2-Mar-04 4:24 
GeneralRe: CP smiley Pin
Rickard Andersson202-Mar-04 4:28
MemberRickard Andersson202-Mar-04 4:28 
GeneralRe: CP smiley Pin
Mazdak2-Mar-04 4:32
MemberMazdak2-Mar-04 4:32 
GeneralRe: CP smiley Pin
Prakash Nadar12-Apr-04 7:35
MemberPrakash Nadar12-Apr-04 7:35 
GeneralLatest news... Pin
Mazdak22-Feb-04 4:48
MemberMazdak22-Feb-04 4:48 
GeneralRe: Latest news... Pin
Heath Stewart3-Mar-04 6:43
protectorHeath Stewart3-Mar-04 6:43 
GeneralRe: Latest news... Pin
Mazdak3-Mar-04 7:06
MemberMazdak3-Mar-04 7:06 
Heath Stewart wrote:
I've got all the study material, though I've never actually read it because the first few chapters were so basic that I couldn't stand wasting my time on it).

Heath , I don't have windows application book and passed exam without it, about ASP.NET exam I bought it and I can say that beginner book was not related to exam.

Heath Stewart wrote:
but a little nervous about the nit-picky questions that even years of experience can't answer (like the "technical" name for something, even though I know how to do it). Did you find a lot of that when you took the tests?

I can't remember any question like that , or at least number of them was not so much so I can't remember them. But believe me about something Heath, according to what I see from you in C# forum you can pass most of those exams without spending ANY minute for studying, Windows application exam is pieace of cake for you. I don't know about your ASP.NET but you can pass web service exam like that too cause most questions are about COM+,remoting,web service and some security concept about them.These are three exams which I go through , I don't know about other exams. At last let me tell you something ,90% of questions are like this:

There is a X company which wants to write application for ..... blah blah blah...(this part could be up to 10 line but have no meaning at all) last there is a question which means this: How do you fill a dataset?

Hope it helps.


"A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it." - Bob Hope
GeneralBio... Pin
Mazdak19-Feb-04 6:50
MemberMazdak19-Feb-04 6:50 
GeneralRe: Bio... Pin
Sarvesvara (BVKS) Dasa23-Mar-04 1:06
MemberSarvesvara (BVKS) Dasa23-Mar-04 1:06 
Generalhmmmm.... Pin
Mazdak21-Jan-04 7:27
MemberMazdak21-Jan-04 7:27 
GeneralRe: hmmmm.... Pin
Sarvesvara (BVKS) Dasa24-Jan-04 17:44
MemberSarvesvara (BVKS) Dasa24-Jan-04 17:44 
GeneralRe: hmmmm.... Pin
Mazdak25-Jan-04 1:14
MemberMazdak25-Jan-04 1:14 
GeneralRe: hmmmm.... Pin
Uwe Keim26-Jan-04 22:13
sitebuilderUwe Keim26-Jan-04 22:13 
GeneralRe: hmmmm.... Pin
Jeremy Falcon30-Jan-04 12:34
professionalJeremy Falcon30-Jan-04 12:34 
GeneralRe: hmmmm.... Pin
peterchen10-Feb-04 10:24
Memberpeterchen10-Feb-04 10:24 
GeneralRe: hmmmm.... Pin
Mazdak10-Feb-04 10:30
MemberMazdak10-Feb-04 10:30 

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