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QuestionSo, "The Soapbox has closed" [modified] Pin
Ilíon28-Feb-09 18:09
Ilíon28-Feb-09 18:09 
QuestionPshaw! Just how transparent can we get? Pin
Ilíon1-Mar-09 7:23
Ilíon1-Mar-09 7:23 
The Soapbox degenerated into a forum more or less dedicated to US politics and personal bandwagons. It was absolutely pointless to my goal of providing free resources to Software Developers.

However, removing it means that I no longer have a place to move inappropriate posts (I always prefer to move than delete) which means I'm going to be spending all my monitoring the lounge. I want to read and enjoy the lounge, not clean up everyone's mess.

So how about:

1. I create a new forum 'After 8 Lounge' or something. Anything not PG rated goes there. I do miss bad, politically incorrect jokes. Anything totally inappropriate in either of the lounges gets nuked, zero tolerance.


2. I reopen the Soapbox and remove votes and remove the ability for casual members to vote messages off the island. There will be no exposure for the forum (no links from the homepage or menus). The current Soapbox crowd has a private place to vent their spleens. However since many of the members in there are in the US they understand more than anyone the issues of libel laws. We, as a site, cannot promote or implicitely allow anything that violates any of the hate-crime or libel laws. I simply will not allow the site to be legally exposed simply for the sake of a few.

So, in order to participate in the Soapbox you will have to agree, with each post, that you are not violating our Terms of Use. Go nuts, but stay within the ropes.

Further, I'll ask the Soapbox crowd to nominate a few members who will have the right to delete posts.

You guys will have your own self-policed protected corner in which to continue your fun and will yourselves be responsible for ensuring this behaviour is within reason, and that it doesn't spill out on to the rest of the site.

What is different about the so-called Soapbox between Friday and Saturday? What is different about the so-called Soapbox between Saturday and some suitable resurrection of it being sought?

What is different about the so-called Soapbox between Friday and Saturday is that on Friday any post I made vanished, sometimes within minutes, because a few (hell, for all I know, one or two) "community" members wished it so, and on Saturday, for a few hours, some of these same "community" members experienced the same.

What is different about the so-called Soapbox between Saturday and some suitable resurrection of it is an attempt to make it back into a Sandbox for certain posters and/or attitudes -- which is, after all, what it always was -- while trying to maintain the pretense that no one's fist is on the scale.
AnswerRe: So, "The Soapbox is open" Pin
Ilíon1-Mar-09 15:16
Ilíon1-Mar-09 15:16 
QuestionDiscussions on anything and everything. Enter at your own risk. This board is currently "moderated" by ... Pin
Ilíon16-Apr-09 12:30
Ilíon16-Apr-09 12:30 
QuestionHave I not said, all along? Pin
Ilíon14-Jun-09 9:55
Ilíon14-Jun-09 9:55 
AnswerAbout that "bug" [modified] Pin
Ilíon16-Jun-09 10:51
Ilíon16-Jun-09 10:51 

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