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Akram El Assas - Professional Profile


I build innovative and scalable solutions for digital media. With several years of software engineering experience, I have a strong background in web, mobile and desktop development, as well as media asset management and digital asset management systems.

My strength lies in the development of innovative solutions and the ability to adapt them to different industries looking to streamline or automate their work process or data management.

I am passionate about learning new technologies and frameworks and applying them to solve complex and challenging problems. I am proficient in working with Node.js, React, React Native, TypeScript, C# and .NET among other languages and tools. My ultimate aim is to deliver high-quality software products that meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Open-source projects:

- Wexflow: .NET Workflow Engine and Automation Platform
- BookCars: Car Rental Platform with Mobile App
- Movin' In: Rental Property Management Platform with Mobile App
- Wexstream: Video Conferencing Platform
- wexCommerce: eCommerce Platform on Next.js

If you'd like to discuss any sort of opportunity, feel free to contact me through GitHub or LinkedIn.



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